Building strong school cultures : a guide to leading change


Building strong school cultures : a guide to leading change

Sharon D. Kruse, Karen Seashore Louis

(Leadership for learning)

Corwin, c2009

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A joint publication with the American Association of School Administrators

Includes bibliographical references (p. 173-180) and index



This resource calls on head teachers to create a viable, sustainable school culture using the professional community, organizational learning and trust to affect teaching and learning. This addition to the Leadership for Learning series presents an Intensification of Leadership approach that integrates teachers, parents, and community members into a coherent team. The authors examine schools that have achieved lasting cultural change and present practical strategies for: "diagnosing and shaping a school culture "revising leadership functions to broaden the decision-making processes "rethinking organizational structures "supporting continuous improvement while ensuring stability


Series Foreword by E. Joseph Schneider and Willis D. Hawley Acknowledgments About the Authors 1. Changing School Culture: An Introduction and Overview School Cultures: Stable and Fluid or Stable and Fragile Introducing PCOLT: Professional Community, Organizational Learning, and Trust Intensified Leadership: An Introduction Intensification and Beyond "Quick Fixes" Summary and Overview of the Book Recommended Readings and Culture Activities 2. Principals as Cultural Change Agents Cultures and Subcultures in Schools Management and Leadership Paths to Cultural Management and Leadership Conclusion Additional Readings and Activities for Getting Started 3. Diagnosing Your School Culture: Understanding Where You Are The Basics of Cultural Diagnosis Diagnosing Your School Culture Diagnosis and Intensified Leadership for Cultural Change Culture Resources and Activities 4. Linking Leadership and School Culture Leadership and Decision Making Intensifying Leadership at Your School Intensifying Leadership by Building PCOLT Vigilance and Strong School Cultures Conclusion Reflections and Activities for Developing School Culture 5. Networks, Networking, and Cultural Change Webs and Nets Thinking About Networks Cautions Next Steps Reflections and Goal-Setting Activities 6. Intensifying Leadership Through Partnerships With Districts Thinking About District-School Relationships Rethinking Organizational Structures and Cultures Influencing District-School Relationships Moving Forward Conclusion Reflections and Activities 7. Schools and Communities: Working With the Enduring Dilemmas of Time and Accountability Student Learning and Development: A Foundation Schools as Agencies for Democracy Social Capital and Civic Capacity Schools as Moral Agencies Conclusion Web Resources, Activities, and Reflections 8. Bringing It All Together: Concluding Themes and Thoughts The Art of Balance Implications for Action and Growth A PCOLT Planning Guide References Index

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