7th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems 2011 : City University London, UK, 5-6 September 2011



7th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems 2011 : City University London, UK, 5-6 September 2011

Woodhead Pub., 2011

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Seventh international conference on compressors and their systems 2011

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" ... organized by the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at City University London in collaboration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)"--Foreword



This book contains the papers presented at the 7th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems at City University London in conjunction with the IMECHE. This conference is the ultimate global forum for reviewing the latest developments and novel approaches in compressor research. It features contributions from equipment manufacturers, suppliers, users and research organisations; these papers present developments in air, gas and refrigeration compressors; vacuum pumps; expanders; and related systems and components. Papers cover the design, development and operation of a wide range of compressors and expanders. Equipment manufacturers, suppliers, users and research organisations are all represented. Aspects covered include: present and future developments in scroll compressors; design and optimisation of screw compressors; latest thinking in oscillating and vane compressors; improving the function of valves; latest research in dynamic compressors; detailed analysis of reciprocating compressors; improved accuracy and usefulness of modelling techniques; developing better control of centrifugal compressors; and reducing unwanted noise and vibration.


Cover image Title page Copyright Sponsors Foreword Introductory Papers Chapter 1: Use of finite element and computational fluid dynamics analyses in the development of positive displacement compressor simulations ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 SCREW COMPRESSOR DISCHARGE PORT 3 SCROLL COMPRESSOR LEAKAGE 4 RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR PRESSURE PULSATION 5 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 2: Successful trials of turbo-boosting of positive displacement compressors ABSTRACT 1 BACKGROUND 2 APPLICATION 1- TURBOCOMPRESSOR WITH PISTON COMPRESSOR 3 APPLICATION 2: TURBOCOMPRESSOR WITH WATER-INJECTED SCREW COMPRESSOR 4 CONCLUSIONS AND DISCUSSIONS 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Turbo Compressors Chapter 3: Design rationalisation for centrifugal turboblowers in the water industry ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 BACKGROUND 2 OPPORTUNITY 3 THE DESIRED STATE 4. SOLUTION 5 IMPLEMENTATION 6 RESULTS 7 FUTURE ACTIONS Chapter 4: New multistage axial compressor and chiller development for water as refrigerant ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 FEASIBILITY STUDY 3 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE AXIAL COMPRESSORS 4 TEST OF COMPRESSOR AND CHILLER 5 EXPECTED PERFORMANCE AND CHILLER DATA 6 PERSPECTIVES Chapter 5: Investigation of the gas flow in the vaneless diffusers of the centrifugal compressors ABSTRACT NOTATION Subscripts 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CALCULATION PROCEDURE 3 MODEL VERIFICATION 4 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 6: The design of vaned diffusers of centrifugal compressors based on the given velocity distribution ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE Subscripts 1 INTRODUCTION 2 THE PROBLEM DEFINITION 3 MATHEMATICAL MODEL 4 THE DESIGN METHOD 5 EXPERIMENTAL DATA 6 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 7: OMNI turbo - a high efficiency, nested two-stage impeller ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 TWO STAGE NESTED IMPELLER COMPRESSION STAGE - OMNI 3 STAGE ANALYSIS 4 MANUFACTURE OF IMPELLER AND ASSOCIATED PARTS 5 A SINGLE SHAFT, HIGH SPEED MICRO-COMPRESSOR USING OMNI TURBO 6 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 8: Optimisation of the high vacuum side channel pump ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 DESIGN OF THE PUMP 3 DESIGN OF A REGENERATIVE PUMP STAGE 4 PERFORMANCE OF THE PUMP 5 VARIATION OF THE ROTOR BLADE GEOMETRY 6 VARIATION OF THE NUMBER OF BLADES 7 MEMBRANE PUMP AS A BACKING PUMP 8 MEASUREMENTS WITH DIFFERENT GASES 9 EQUATIONS FOR THE CALCULATION OF REGENERATIVE PUMPS 10 CONCLUSION Chapter 9: The TurboClaw (R) compressor for engine downsizing by twin-charging ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 INNOVATION 3 MOTOR AND DRIVE TECHNOLOGY 4 EXPERIMENTAL VALIDATION 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 6 CONCLUSION Chapter 10: Study of IGV and rotor interactions in a cooling axial fan ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 STEADY SIMULATIONS 3 UNSTEADY SIMULATIONS 4 EFFECT OF AXIAL GAP 5 CONCLUSION Heat Pump and Refrigeration Chapter 11: Development of R744 two stage compressor for commercial heat pump water heater ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 BASIC STRUCTURE OF DEVELOPED COMPRESSOR 3 EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT 4 RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT 5 APPLICATION OF THE DEVELOPED SCROTARY COMPRESSOR INTO COMMERCIAL HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER 6 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 12: Theoretical and experimental analysis of the superheating in heat pump compressors ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENT 3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 4 CONCLUSIONS 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 13: Methodology of performance calculation of condensing unit thanks to the compressor ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 DESCRIPTION OF THE MATHEMATICAL SYSTEM 3 MODEL VALIDATION 4 CALCULATION TOOL 5 CONCLUSION Reciprocating Compressors (Valves) Chapter 14: Industrial reed valve development using a virtual prototyping approach ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 STATE OF THE ART IN REED VALVE SIMULATION 3 VALVE DESIGN 4 SIMULATION 5 CONCLUSION ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 15: Accounting for backflow condition on effective force and flow areas of reed type valves ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 MATHEMATICAL MODEL 3 RESULTS 4 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 16: Influence of suction valve parameter on volumetric efficiency and power loss - valve design chart ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 MODEL AND RESULTS EXAMPLES 3 VALVE PERFORMANCES AND EVAPORATING TEMPERATURE 4 SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS 5 VALVE DESIGN PROCEDURE AND CHART 6 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 17: Simulation of the flow through automatic valves of hermetic compressors by the immersed boundary method approach ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 MATHEMATCAL FORMULATION 3 NUMERICAL METHOD 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 5 CONCLUSIONS Refrigeration Chapter 18: Theoretical studies of a fixed vane rotary compressor ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 GEOMETRY MODEL 3 FORCE ANALYSIS 4 THERMODYNAMIC MODEL 5 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 6 CONCLUSION Chapter 19: Compressors performances with natural and low GWP refrigerants ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 NEW REFRIGERANTS PROPERTIES 3 EXPERIMENTAL TESTS 4 CONCLUSION Chapter 20: Numerical prediction of turbulent flow and heat transfer in the suction muffler of a small reciprocating compressor ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL SETUP 3 NUMERICAL SOLUTION 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 5 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 21: Thermodynamic assessment of an innovative suction muffler for hermetic reciprocating compressors ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 THEORETICAL BACKGROUND 3 THE REGENERATIVE HEAT EXCHANGER 4 SIMULATION STRATEGY 5 SIMULATION RESULTS 6 EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS 7 CONCLUSION ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 22: Experimental performance of carbon dioxide compressor with parallel compression ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE Subscripts 1 INTRODUCTION 2 REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS WITH CO2 3 RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR FOR PARALLEL COMPRESSION 4 TESTS AND RESULTS 5 SYSTEM PERFORMANCE WITH PARALLEL COMPRESSOR 6 CONCLUSION Chapter 23: Enhancement of heat transfer rate in fractional horse power condensing unit ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 PROBLEM SET UP 3 DESCRITIZATION & BOUNDARY CONDITIONS 4 EXPERIMENTAL SETUP 5 ANALYTICAL STUDY 6 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 7 STRUCTURAL ANALAYSIS 8 DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS 9 CONCLUSION Chapter 24: The influence of refrigerant charge on the starting process of a small reciprocating compressor system ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE Greekletters 1 INTRODUCTION 2 MODELLING 3 METHODOLOGY 4 RESULTS 5 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 25: An experimental study of performances of bottle cooler using carbon dioxide as refrigerant ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL SYSTEM 3 EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 4 CONCLUSION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Reciprocating and Variable Speed Compressors Chapter 26: Theoretical and experimental study on stepless capacity control system of reciprocating compressor ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 STEPLESS CAPACITY CONTROL SYSTEM 3 THEORETICAL MODELS 4 EXPERIMENT RESEARCH 5 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 6 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 27: Energy saving in drives using ZCT ZVT DC-DC converters, PWM inverters in variable speed compressor applications ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION 2 VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE TECHNOLOGY - AC COMPRESSORS 3 VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE TECHNOLOGY: ZCTF PWM DC CONVERTER-DC COMPRESSORS DRIVES 4 TIME INTERVALS FOR ZCTF PWM TECHNIQUE 5 CONSIDERATIONS 6 ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND CO2 EMISSION 7 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 28: Modal and vibration analysis of reciprocating compressor crankshaft system ABSTRACT NOTATION 1 INTRODUCTION 2 MODELING 3 ANALYSIS 4 APPLICATION 5 CONCLUSION 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 29: The design, manufacture and system integration of the control system for the Bu Attifel low pressure gas transmission compressors ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 DOCUMENTATION 3 CONTROL SYSTEM DESIGN 4 MANUFACTURING RESTRICTIONS 5 CONTROL SYSTEM TESTING Manufacturing Chapter 30: The use of a unique tool for manufacturing screw compressor rotors of varying configuration, centre distance and helix angle ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 PROFILE GENERATION FROM A RACK 3 A UNIQUE RACK AS A BASIS FOR CALCULATION OF DIFFERENT PROFILES 4 CALCULATION OF THE PROFILES BASED ON THEIR ORIGINAL RACKS 5 PERFORMANCE CALCULATION 6 CONCLUSION Chapter 31: Method for the correction of localised lead errors during screw rotor manufacture using CNC grinding machines ABSTRACT NOTATION 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CALCULATION OF WORK ROTATION ADJUSTMENTS 3 TESTING AND ANALYSIS OF RESULTS 4 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 32: Developments in the productive grinding of screw rotors and other helical parts in response to user feedback ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CHANGING MARKET REQUIREMENTS 3 DESIGN FEATURES 4 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Screw Compressors Chapter 33: Evaluation of various turbulence models in predicting screw compressor flow processes by CFD ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CFD ANALYSIS OF SCREW COMPRESSOR 3 EVALUATION OF RESULTS 4 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 34: Experimental and theoretical investigation of screw machines as vacuum blowers ABSTRACT SYMBOLS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 THE SCREW VACUUM PUMP 3 EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION 4 THEORETICAL INVESTIGATIONS 5 SUMMARY Chapter 35: Numerical optimization of an injection volumetric expander for use in waste heat recovery organic Rankine cycle ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CONFIGURATION 3 EXPANDER INLET EXERGY FLOW RATE 4 VAPOUR INJECTION EXPANDER 4.3 Injection port position 5 CONCLUSION Chapter 36: Fluid dynamic and thermodynamic modelling of multiphase screw pumps, operating on the threshold of an exclusive gas compression ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 CHAMBER-BASED SCREW PUMP MODEL 3 MODELLING OF MULTIPHASE GAP FLOWS 4 MODELLING OF HEAT TRANSFER AND HEAT CONDUCTION 5 EXPERIMENTAL APPARATUS 6 EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL RESULTS CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 37: Consideration of clearances in the design of screw compressor rotors ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 OPERATIONAL CLEARANCES 3 MEASURING OPERATIONAL CLEARANCES 4 PERFORMANCE PREDICTION 5 APPLICATION TO DIFFERENT WORKING FLUIDS CONCLUSIONS Chapter 38: Performance prediction methods for screw compressors ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE Greek Characters Abbreviations 1 INTRODUCTION 2 PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS 3 PERFORMANCE PREDICTION METHODS 4 COMPARISON OF DIFFERENT METHODS CONCLUSIONS Chapter 39: Rotor enhancement for improved screw compressor performance ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 ROTOR ENHANCEMENT 3 DISCUSSION OF RESULTS 4 CONCLUSION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 40: Reduction of pressure loss in suction flow passage of oil flooded screw compressors ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 PRESSURE LOSS FACTORS IN SUCTION FLOW PASSAGE 3 VISCOUS FRICTION 4 INTERFERENCE OF SUCTION AIR AND LUBRICANT OIL 5 APPLICATION OF IMPROVED GEOMETRY TO ACTUAL COMPRESSOR 6 CONCLUSION Chapter 41: A new approach to three-dimensional intermesh clearance calculation Astract: 1 INTRODUCTION 2 STATE OF THE ART 3 SURFACE REPRESENTATION OF ROTORS USING NURBS 4 CALCULATION OF THE LINE OF ACTION 5 APPLICATION AND COMPARISON Chapter 42: Improvement of volumetric efficiency for screw compressors using inertial charging ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 COMPRESSOR STRUCTURE 3 MODELLING AND CFD ENVIRONMENTS 4 CFD SIMULATION RESULTS 5 EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION 6 CONCLUSION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Scroll and Turbo Compressors Chapter 43: Development of high efficiency scroll compressor ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 STRUCTURE OF SCROLL COMPRESSOR 3 COMPRESSOR EFFICIENCY IN RESPONSE TO OIL SUPPLY 4 NEW VALVE SYSTEM TO REDUCE OVER-COMPRESSION 5 CONCLUSION Chapter 44: Scroll compressors and intermediate valve ports ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 BENEFIT OF IDV'S INTERNAL LOADS 3 IMPACT ON THE OLDHAM COUPLING 4 CONCLUSION Rotary Compressors Chapter 45: Design limitations and flexibilities of the revolving vane compressor ABSTRACT NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 ECCENTRICITY 3 VANE SLOT GEOMETRY 4 COMPRESSOR COMPONENTS DESIGN 5 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 46: The Blade Compressor (TM): geometry, performance and applications ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 THE PROBLEM WITH COMPRESSORS 2.2.7 Conclusion 3 THE BLADE COMPRESSOR (TM) SOLUTION 4 CONCEPTUAL ADVANTAGES TO THE BLADE COMPRESSOR (TM) 4.5.1 Conclusion 5 CURRENT TECHNOLOGY STATUS 6 PERFORMANCE AND RESULTS AGAINST CORE CRITERIA 7 COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES, IP AND FUTURE ROADMAP 8 CONCLUSION Author Index

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