Internal Combustion Engines : improving performance, fuel economy and emissions : 29-30 November 2011, IMechE, London



Internal Combustion Engines : improving performance, fuel economy and emissions : 29-30 November 2011, IMechE, London

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Woodhead Pub., 2011

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Organized by the Combustion Engines & Fuels Group

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This book contains the papers of the Internal Combustion Engines: Performance fuel economy and emissions conference, in the IMechE bi-annual series, held on the 29th and 30th November 2011. The internal combustion engine is produced in tens of millions per year for applications as the power unit of choice in transport and other sectors. It continues to meet both needs and challenges through improvements and innovations in technology and advances from the latest research. These papers set out to meet the challenges of internal combustion engines, which are greater than ever. How can engineers reduce both CO2 emissions and the dependence on oil-derivate fossil fuels? How will they meet the future, more stringent constraints on gaseous and particulate material emissions as set by EU, North American and Japanese regulations? How will technology developments enhance performance and shape the next generation of designs? This conference looks closely at developments for personal transport applications, though many of the drivers of change apply to light and heavy duty, on and off highway, transport and other sectors.


SI Engines and downsizing Chapter 1: Design and development of a dedicated range extender engine ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 RANGE EXTENDER ENGINE CONCEPT SELECTION 3 RANGE EXTENDER ENGINE DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS 4 INITIAL TEST RESULTS 5 E-REV FUEL CONSUMPTION ASSESSMENT 6 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 2: Multiple injection and boosting benefits for improved fuel consumption on a Spray Guided Direct Injection gasoline engine ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION EXPERIMENTAL SETUP DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS RESULTS AND DISCUSSION SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 3: Optimisation of Variable Length Intake Manifolds for a gasoline turbocharged downsized engine ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL SET UP 3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 4 CONCLUSIONS 4.1 Low speed torque: GDI Particulates and other emissions Chapter 4: Spray imaging, mixture preparation and particulate matter emissions using a GDI engine fuelled with stoichiometric gasoline/ethanol blends ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 3 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 5: Study of transient particulate and gaseous emissions from a modern GDI engine ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 APPARATUS 3 EXPERIMENTS 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 5 CONCLUSIONS 6 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 6: Particulate matter emission from different combustion modes in a 2/4 stroke switchable direct injection gasoline engine ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL SET UP 3 ENGINE OPERATING CONDITIONS 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 5 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION Diesel fuel injection Chapter 7: Experimental analysis of nozzle flow number impact on partial and full load performance of a Euro5 automotive diesel engine ABSTRACT DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 THE ENGINE AND THE EXPERIMENTAL LAYOUT 3 THE EXPERIMENTAL TEST METHODOLOGY 4 EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS 5 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 8: In-cylinder studies of split injection in a single cylinder optical diesel engine ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL SETUP 3 OPERATING CONDITION 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 5 CONCLUSIONS Chapter 9: The effect of closely coupled pilot injections on diesel engine emissions ABSTRACT 1 CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS 2 METHODOLOGY 3 SINGLE CYLINDER ENGINE RESULTS 4 ENGINE RESULTS, 1.6LITRE 4 CYLINDER 5 OPTIMUM DWELL, CFD SIMULATION 6 SUMMARY 7 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Engine design Chapter 10: Analysis of CAI/HCCI combustion in a 2-stroke poppet valve engine ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL SET-UP 3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 4 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 11: The RCV engine. Technical analysis and real world benefits 1 INTRODUCTION 2 RCV TECHNOLOGY 3 RCV APPLICATIONS 4 SUMMARY Fuels and emissions Chapter 12: Research into requirements for worldwide sustainable biodiesel capability ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 WORLDWIDE BIODIESEL REVIEW 3 TEST METHODOLOGY 4 RESULTS 5 DISCUSSION 6 CONCLUSIONS 7 RECOMMENDATIONS 8 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 13: Effect of hydrogen and DME injection in homogeneous charge compression ignition engine with DME second injection strategy ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENT 3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 4 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 14: Experimental evaluation of performance and emissions of DI diesel engine fuelled with eucalyptus biodiesel ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 BIODIESEL PREPARATION AND ITS CHARACTERIZATION 3 ENGINE TEST EQUIPMENT AND PROCEDURE 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 5 CONCLUSION Chapter 15: New approaches to design of experiment modeling based on engine control levers and fuel properties ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION FUEL MATRIX AND RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FUEL PROPERTIES DESIGN OF EXPERIMENT COMBINED DOE CRITERION DEFINITION OF TEST PLAN FOR COMBINED DOE ENGINE SPECIFICATION AND SELECTED OPERATING POINTS MODEL COEFFICIENTS AND IMPORTANCE OF FIRST ORDERS RESULTS AND ANALYSIS CONCLUSION AND REMARKS Chapter 16: Cold start emission and CO2 reduction by engine idle combustion quality improvement in dedicated CNG pick-up truck ABSTRACT DEFINITIONS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 INVESTIGATION OF POOR COMBUSTION AT IDLE 3 VALVE TIMING RE-OPTIMISATION 4 IMPROVEMENT IN IDLE COMBUSTION 5 RECALIBRATION AND COLD START EMISSIONS 6 CONCLUSION 7 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 17: Significant CO2 reductions by utilising the synergies between a downsized SI engine and biofuels ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 METHODOLOGY 3 RESULTS - ENGINE TESTING 4 DRIVE CYCLE MODELLING 5 CONCLUSIONS Emissions after-treatment Chapter 18: Experiments on a light duty SCR test exhaust system using ammonia gas to provide data for validation of a CFD model ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL TEST RIG AND PROCEDURE 3 CFD MODEL 4 MEASUREMENTS IN THE TEST EXHAUST 5 MEASUREMENTS FROM TEST EXHAUST COMPARED WITH STEADY-STATE CFD SIMULATIONS 6 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 19: Periodically regenerating diesel particulate filter with a H2/CO mixture addition: towards a fuel reformer diesel engine aftertreatment system ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 EXPERIMENTAL APPARATUS AND TEST PROCEDURE 3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION CONCLUSIONS 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 20: Using 3D CFD to model exhaust fuel dosing device (fuel vaporizer) and oxidation of hydrocarbon ABSTRACT ABBREVIATIONS AND NOMENCLATURE 1 INTRODUCTION 2 ALTERNATIVE TURBULENCE MODELS 3 CORRELLATIONS 4 DISCUSSION OF RESULTS 5 CONCLUSIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Chapter 21: Effect of ignition induced misfire on emission and catalyst temperature a comparative study in a 1.2L MPI engine with multiple fuels ABSTRACT ABBREVIATIONS INTRODUCTION SYSTEM SPECIFICATION EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS CONCLUSION Author Index

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