Language and mobility : unexpected places


Language and mobility : unexpected places

Alastair Pennycook

(Critical language and literacy studies)

Multilingual Matters, c2012

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This book looks at language in unexpected places. Drawing on a diversity of materials and contexts, including farewell addresses to British workers in colonial India, letters written from parents to their children at home, a Cornish anthem sung in South Australia, a country fair in rural Australia, and a cricket match played in the middle of the 19th century in south India, this book explores many current concerns around language, mobility and place, including native speakers, generic forms, and language maintenance. Using a series of narrative accounts - from a journey to southern India to eating cheese in China, from playing soccer in Germany to observing a student teacher in Sydney - this book asks how it is that language, people and cultures turn up unexpectedly and how our lines of expectation are formed.


Acknowledgements Chapter 1 Retracing Routes: Manjari Seeds and Nutmeg Trees Chapter 2 Turning up in Unexpected Places Chapter 3 Through Others' Eyes and Thinking Otherwise Chapter 4 Constrained Mobilities: Epistolary Parenting Chapter 5 Resourceful Speakers Chapter 6 Elephant Tracks Chapter 7 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackboard Chapter 8 Beyond the Boundaries of Expectation

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