Active learning and student engagement : international perspectives and practices in geography in higher education



Active learning and student engagement : international perspectives and practices in geography in higher education

edited by Mick Healey, Eric Pawson, Michael Solem

Routledge, 2012

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Originally published: 2010



This book examines significant issues in geography teaching and learning from the perspectives of an international network of academic geographers and postgraduate students. Drawing on classroom experiences and research in a wide variety of educational settings, the authors describe conceptually interesting and practical applications for enhancing student learning through inquiry, problem-based learning, field study, online collaboration, and other highly engaging forms of pedagogy. Other articles focus on approaches for improving the experiences of distance learners, strategies for enhancing the employability of geography students, and preparing students to engage ethical issues in the discipline. An international audience of educators will find much of value through the use of comparative examples, literature reviews encompassing research in multiple national contexts, and an underlying awareness of the diversity of practices in higher education internationally. This book is a collection of articles previously published in two special issues of the Journal of Geography in Higher Education.


1. Active Learning and Student Engagement Mick Healey, Eric Pawson and Michael Solem Re-imagining ourselves as learners 2 Co-learning: Re-Linking Research and Teaching in Geography Richard Le Heron, Richard Baker, Lindsey McEwen with John Bradbeer, Alan Jenkins and Gabor Mezosi 3 'None of Us Sets Out To Hurt People': The Ethical Geographer and Geography Curricula in Higher Education William E. Boyd, Ruth L. Healey, Susan W. Hardwick, Martin Haigh with Phil Klein, Bruce Doran, Julie Trafford and John Bradbeer Engaging students in inquiry 4 Experimenting with active learning in Geography: Dispelling the myths that Perpetuate Resistance Regina Scheyvens, Amy L. Griffin, Christine L. Jocoy, Yan Liu and Michael Bradford 5 Problem based learning in Geography: towards a critical assessment of its purposes, benefits and risks Eric Pawson, Julie Trafford, Eric Fournier, Martin Haigh, Osvaldo Muniz and Susan Vajoczki 6 Where might sand dunes be on mars? Engaging students through Inquiry-based learning in Geography Rachel Spronken-Smith, Jo Bullard, Waverly Ray, Carolyn Roberts and Artimus Keiffer 7 International perspectives on the Effectiveness of Geography fieldwork for learning Ian Fuller, Sally Edmonson, Derek France, David Higgitt and Ikka Ratinen New spaces of learning 8 Developing and Enhancing international collaborative learning David Higgitt, Karl Donert, Mick Healey, Phil Klein, Michael Solem and Sue Vajoczki 9 E-learning for Geography's teaching and learning spaces Kenneth Lynch, Bob Bednarz, James Boxall, Lex Chalmers, Derek France and Julie Kesby 10 Strength in diversity: Enhancing learning in vocationally-orientated, Master's level courses Lindsey McEwen, Janice Monk, Iain Hay, Pauline Kneale and Helen King 11 Teaching for and about social transformation Jane Wellens, Andrea Berardi, Brian Chalkley, Bill Chambers, Ruth Healey, Janice Monk and Jodi Vender Beyond the classroom 12 Community engagement for student learning in Geography Sarah Witham Bednarz, Brian Chalkley, Stephen Fletcher, Iain Hay, Erena Le Heron, Audrey Mohan and Julie Trafford 13 Enhancing employability in Geography Paul Rooney, Barbara Gambini, Artimus Keiffer, Pauline Kneale, Barbara Van Drasek and Sharon Gedye 14 Internationalising professional development in Geography through distance education Michael Solem, Lex Chalmers, David DiBiase, Karl Donert and Susan Hardwick 15 Reflecting on Student Engagement Eric Pawson, Mick Healey and Michael Solem

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