Studies in the history, literature, and religion of biblical Israel


Studies in the history, literature, and religion of biblical Israel

John Van Seters ; with an introduction by Thomas L. Thompson

(Copenhagen International Seminar, . Changing perspectives ; 1)

Equinox, 2011

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Changing perspectives I

Changing perspectives one

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The volume brings together forty years of agenda-setting scholarship in Israelite and Judean history. The historical essays gathered here were among the first to raise serious questions about the "patriarchal age", the exodus from Egypt and the conquest of Canaan, and the temple of Solomon. The literary essays on the Pentateuch challenged both the classical Documentary Hypothesis and the more recent modifications that support the notion of an extensive Deuteronomistic redaction of the Pentateuch. The final set of essays examines biblical notions of patriarchal religion, myths of human origin, and the legendary origins of Passover within a broad comparative context.


1. A Date for the 'Admonitions' in the Second Intermediate Period 2. The Problem of Childlessness in Near Eastern Law 3. Jacob's Marriages and Ancient Near East Customs: A Reexamination 4. The Terms 'Amorite' and 'Hittite' in the Old Testament 5. Joshua's Campaign of Canaan and Near Eastern Historiography 6. Solomon's Temple: Fact and Ideology in Biblical and Near Eastern Historiography 7. The Chronicler's Account of Solomon's Temple-Building: A Continuity Theme 8. The Geography of the Exodus Literary Critical Studies The Pentateuch 9. Confessional Reformulation in the Exilic Period 10. The Conquest of Sihon's Kingdom, A Literary Examination 11. Once Again--The Conquest of Sihon's Kingdom 12. Recent Studies on Pentateuchal Criticism: A Crisis in Method 13. The So-called Deuteronomistic Redaction of the Pentateuch 14. The Deuteronomistic Redaction of the Pentateuch: The Case Against it 15. The Theology of the Yahwist, A Preliminary Sketch 16. In the Babylonian Exile with J: Between Judgment in Ezekiel and Salvation in Second Isaiah 17. Divine Encounter at Bethel (Gen 28:10-22) in Recent Literary-Critical Study The Historical Books 18. Problems in the Literary Analysis of the Court History of David 19. Love and Death in the Court History of David 20. The Deuteronomistic History: Can It Avoid Death by Redaction? 21. On Reading the Story of the Man of God from Judah in 1 Kings 13 22. Creative Imitation in the Hebrew Bible Comparative Studies in Religion and Culture 23. The Religion of the Patriarchs in Genesis 24. The Primeval Histories of Greece and Israel Compared 25. The Creation of Man and the Creation of the King 26. Myth and History: The Problem of Origins 27. Tradition and History: History as National Tradition 28. From Child Sacrifice to Pascal Lamb: A Remarkable Transformation

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