Fashion drawing for dummies


    • Arnold, Lisa Smith
    • Egan, Marianne


Fashion drawing for dummies

by Lisa Smith Arnold and Marianne Egan

(--For dummies)

John Wiley, c2012

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The fast and easy way to learn the art of fashion drawing This fun guide gives you dozens of step-by-step diagrams that walk you through the process of preparing creative illustrations that you can later develop into dynamic presentations for your design portfolio. Plus, you'll not only learn how to draw clothes and fabric, but also how to show details that make up the total look: faces and hairstyles, fashion accents, and a wide variety of textures. If you're an aspiring fashion designer, you know it's essential to be able to draw, prepare, and present a fashion drawing. Whether you have little or no prior drawing experience, Fashion Drawing For Dummies gives you easy-to-follow, non-intimidating instructions for mastering the drawing skills you need to design like a pro. * Learn the rules and techniques of fashion drawing * Draw the fashion figure in different poses and from multiple angles * Discover how to complement your drawings with accessories, clothing, and style If you're a fledgling designer looking for non-intimidating guidance on learning the ins and outs of fashion drawing, this friendly guide has you covered!


Introduction 1 Part I: Fashion Drawing 101 5 Chapter 1: Finding Your Footing in Fashion Drawing 7 Chapter 2: Gathering Supplies and Setting Up Your Work Space 23 Chapter 3: Beginning with Figure Drawing Basics 37 Part II: Building a Fabulous Fashion Figure 59 Chapter 4: Working with the Basic Fashion Drawing Rules 61 Chapter 5: Tackling the Torso 79 Chapter 6: Forming Fabulous Arms, Hands, Legs, and Feet 93 Chapter 7: Putting Your Best Face Forward 119 Chapter 8: Guaranteeing Good Hair Days 143 Part III: Dressing Your Fashion Figure 165 Chapter 9: Slipping into Shirts and Sweaters 167 Chapter 10: Presenting Perfect Pants 189 Chapter 11: Getting All Dolled Up: Evening Wear 217 Chapter 12: Outerwear for All 233 Chapter 13: Accenting the Accessories 249 Part IV: Taking Your Fashion Drawing to the Next Level 269 Chapter 14: Fabrics: Refining Style with Draping, Texture, and Patterns 271 Chapter 15: Conveying Attitude and Movement through Body Language 291 Chapter 16: Going to Extremes to Develop Your Own Style 315 Chapter 17: Building Your Fashion Design Portfolio 329 Part V: The Part of Tens 343 Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Stay Current 345 Chapter 19: Ten Steps to Kick-Start Your Career 351 Index 357

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