Rural policing and policing the rural : a constable countryside?



Rural policing and policing the rural : a constable countryside?

edited by Rob I. Mawby, Richard Yarwood

(Perspectives on rural policy and planning)

Ashgate, c2011

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Bibliography: p. [223]-257

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Policing reveals much about rural society. It refers to the way that the police, the public and other agencies regulate themselves and each other according to the dominant ideals of society. This can be formally, through the ever-growing spectrum of policing partnerships in neo-liberal countries, or informally, through the performance and enforcement of moral codes and values. This book draws on international inter-disciplinary perspectives to examine the range and consequences of policing across different rural localities. Rural Policing and Policing the Rural is organised into two sections: the first examines who is policing rural areas, while the second examines the nature of rural policing by considering, on the one hand, the policing of rural space and, on the other, how ideas of rurality are regulated. In doing so this book provides a survey of rural policing that will be valuable to academics, students, policy makers and those policing rural places.


  • Chapter 1 Introduction, Rob I. Mawby, Richard Yarwood
  • Part I Rural Policing
  • Chapter 2 Rural Police, Rob I. Mawby
  • Chapter 3 Policing Rural Canada and the United States, Joseph F. Donnermeyer, Walter S. DeKeseredy, Molly Dragiewicz
  • Chapter 4 Policing the Outback, Elaine Barclay, John Scott, Joseph F. Donnermeyer
  • Chapter 5 Rural Policing in France, Christian Mouhanna
  • Chapter 6 Plural Policing in Rural Britain, Rob I. Mawby
  • Chapter 7 Governing Crime in Rural UK, Daniel Gilling
  • Chapter 8 Big Brother Goes to the Countryside, Craig Johnstone
  • Chapter 9 Whose Blue Line is it Anyway? Community Policing and Partnership Working in Rural Places, Richard Yarwood
  • Part II Policing the Rural
  • Chapter 10 Policing Rural Protest, Michael Woods
  • Chapter 11 Still 'Out of Place in the Country'? Travellers and the Post-Productivist Rural, Keith Halfacree
  • Chapter 12 Gypsies and Travellers in the Countryside, Zoe James
  • Chapter 13 A Trip in the Country? Policing Drug Use in Rural Settings, Adrian Barton, David Storey, Claire Palmer
  • Chapter 14 'It's Not All Heartbeat You Know', Greta Squire, Aisha Gill
  • Chapter 15 The Thin Green Line? Police Perceptions of the Challenges of Policing Wildlife Crime in Scotland, Nicholas R. Fyfe, Alison D. Reeves
  • Chapter 16 Policing Poaching and Protecting Pachyderms, A.M. Lemieux
  • Chapter 17 Policing Agricultural Crime, Joseph F. Donnermeyer, Elaine M. Barclay, Daniel P. Mears
  • Chapter 18 Policing the Producer, Matthew Henry
  • Chapter 19 W(h)ither Rural Policing? An Afterword, Richard Yarwood, Rob I. Mawby

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