Insurance disputes


    • Right Honourable Lord Justice Mance
    • Goldrein, Iain S. (...Iain Saville...)
    • Merkin, Robert


Insurance disputes

edited by Right Honourable Lord Justice Mance, Iain Goldrein, Robert Merkin

(Insurance law library)

Informa, 2011

3rd ed

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"First edition 1999, second edition 2003" -- T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Written by an impressive team of specialist contributors, Insurance Dispute is the authoritative guide to litigation for both the insurer and the insured. Divided into two parts - principles of law and their practical use in individual types of insurance, it aims to identify and resolve questions such as: * How should the claimant handle a dispute? * Is the claim within the cover? * When should an insurer dispute cover? * What steps can an insurer take to deny cover? Updated and revised to include new chapters on marine insurance, the Financial Ombudsman Service and ATE insurance, Insurance Disputes is essential reading for anyone involved in insurance law and litigation.


Part 1: General Contracts Chapter 1. Binding Authorities and Line Slips Kenneth Underhill and Simon Mills Chapter 2. The Lloyd's Market Julian Burling 3. Insurable Interests David Bailey QC and Jocelin Gale Chapter 4. Defences Michael Mendelowitz Chapter 5. Preservation of Defences Iain Morrison Chapter 6. Construction of the Policy Colin Edelman QC Chapter 7. Loss, Causation and Burden of Proof Christopher Butcher QC Chapter 8. Intermediary Responsibility Ray Hodgin Chapter 9. Subrogation Neil Beresford and John Turnbull Chapter 10. Double Insurance John Dunt and Wayne Jones Chapter 11. Insurance Litigation Raj Parker, Michelle Bramley and Lauren McGuirl Chapter 12. After The Event Insurance Kerry Underwood Chapter 13. Financial Ombudsman Service Judith P. Summer Chapter 14. Jurisdiction and Arbitration David Bailey QC and Keir Howie Chapter 15. Applicable Law Christopher Butcher QC Chapter 16. Third Party Risks Michelle George and Rebecca Huggins Part 2: Specific Contracts Chapter 17. Life Assurance Robert Surridge Chapter 18. Personal Accident William Evans Chapter 19. Commercial Property Insurance John Hanson Chapter 20. Insurance of Goods in Transit Jane Hobbs Chapter 21. Marine Insurance Johanna Hjalmarsson Chapter 22. Insurance Against Pecuniary Loss Nicholas Ridley Chapter 23. Employers' Liability William Evans Chapter 24. Professional Liability Graham Reid and Stuart White Chapter 25. Product Liability Claims John Groome and Mirjam Schorr Chapter 26. Contractors/Builders/Repairers Frances Alderson Chapter 27. Environmental Insurance in the UK Daniel Lawrence Chapter 28. Reinsurance Michael Mendelowitz

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