Integrated clinical orthodontics


Integrated clinical orthodontics

edited by Vinod Krishnan, Ze'ev Davidovitch

Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

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Integrated Clinical Orthodontics provides an important new resource on the clinical interactions between the practice of orthodontics and other areas of clinical dentistry and medicine. Having at its heart the paradigm of patient-centred care, the book not only integrates the knowledge, skills, and experience of all the disciplines of dentistry and medicine, but also eases the work of orthodontists in arriving at an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan. Presented in a highly visual and practical format, Integrated Clinical Orthodontics uses clinical case presentations to illustrate the rationale and application of the integrated approach to a variety of clinical scenarios. Integrated Clinical Orthodontics covers areas of complexity in clinical orthodontics, specifically the role of the orthodontist as a member of a multidisciplinary team. The book outlines and details the management of congenital orofacial deformities, sleep disorders, esthetic smile creation and temporomandibular joint problems, and additionally and importantly includes specific protocols for effective communication with experts in other specialties.


List of Contributors Preface 1 The Increased Stature of Orthodontics Ze'ev Davidovitch, Vinod Krishnan 2 Effective Data Management and Communication for the Contemporary Orthodontist Ameet V Revankar 3 Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Collaborating with Medical and Other Dental Specialists O P Kharbanda, Neeraj Wadhawan 4 Psychosocial Factors in Motivation, Treatment, Compliance, and Satisfaction with Orthodontic Care Donald B Giddon, Nina K Anderson 5 Nutrition in Orthodontic Practice Lauren Schindler, Carole A Palmer 6 Anomalies in Growth and Development: The Importance of Consultation with a Pediatrician Adriana Da Silveira 7 The Benefits of Obtaining the Opinion of a Clinical Geneticist Regarding Orthodontic Patients James K Hartsfield Jr 8 Multidisciplinary Team Management of Congenital Orofacial Deformities Sherry Peter, Maria J Kuriakose 9 Cleft Lip and Palate: Role of the Orthodontist in the Interdisciplinary Management Team Anne Marie Kuijpers-Jagtman 10 What Can Orthodontists Learn from Orthopaedists Engaged in Basic Research? Carlalberta Verna, Birte Melsen 11 When Should an Orthodontist Seek the Advice of an Endocrinologist? Nadine G Haddad, Linda A DiMeglio 12 The Benefits of Consulting with an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist Before and During Orthodontic Treatment Joseph G Ghafari, Anthony T Macari 13 Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Orthodontic Strategies to Establish and Maintain a Patent Airway Mimi Yow, Eric Lye, Kok Weng 14 Acute and Chronic Infections Affecting the Oral Cavity: Orthodontic Implications Vinod Krishnan, Gunnar Dahlen, Ze'ev Davidovitch 15 Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry: Two Specialties, One Goal Elliott M Moskowitz, George J Cisneros, Mark S Hochberg 16 Dental Caries, Tooth Fracture and Exposed Dental Pulp: The Role of Endodontics in Orthodontic Treatment Planning and Mechanotherapy Neslihan Arhun, Ayca Arman-Ozcirpici, Mete Ungor, Omur Polat Ozsoy 17 Pre-Prosthetic Orthodontic Tooth Movement: Interdisciplinary Concepts for Optimizing Prosthodontic Care Julie Holloway, Meade C Van Putten Jr, Sarandeep Huja 18 Orthodontic Treatment in Patients Requiring Orthognathic Surgical Procedures David R Musich 19 The Role of Biomedical Engineers in the Design and Manufacture of Customized Orthodontic Appliances William A Brantley, Theodore Eliades 20 Tissue Engineering in Orthodontics Therapy Nina Kaukua, Kaj Fried, Jeremy J Mao 21 Corticotomy and Stem Cell Therapy for Orthodontists and Periodontists: Rationale, Hypotheses, and Protocol Neal C Murphy, Nabil F Bissada, Ze'ev Davidovitch, Simone Kucska 22 The Application of Lasers in Orthodontics Neal D Kravitz 23 Implant Orthodontics: An Interactive Approach to Skeletal Anchorage Hyo-Sang Park 24 Temporomandibular Dysfunction: Controversies and Orthodontics Donald J Rinchuse, Sanjivan Kandasamy 25 Orthodontic Treatment for the Special Needs Child Stella Chaushu, Joseph Shapira, Adrian Becker Index

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