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Humanist geography : an individual's search for meaning

Yi-Fu Tuan

George F. Thompson Pub., c2012

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For more than fifty years, Yi-Fu Tuan has carried the study of humanistic geography - what John K. Wright early in the twentieth century called geosophy, a blending of geography and philosophy - to new heights, offering with each new book a fresh and often unique intellectual introspection into the human condition. His latest book, Humanist Geography, is a testament of all that he has learned and encountered as a geographer. In returning to and reappraising his previous books, Tuan emphasizes how the study of humanist geography can offer a younger generation of students, scholars, and teachers a path toward self-discovery, personal fulfillment, and even enlightenment. He argues that in the study of place can be found the wonders of the human mind and imagination, especially as understood by the senses, even as we human beings deal with nature's stringencies and our own deep flaws.

Table of Contents

A Note to the Reader Being Human Part I My Educational Backgrounds 1. Chongquing 2. Sydney 3. Oxford 4. Berkeley 5. Temporal Direction, Progress, and Their Cognates Part II Self, Community, and World 6. Isolated Selves and Bonding 7. Segmentation and Self 8. The City as a Moral Universe Part III Frailties and Evils 9. The Seven Deadly Sins 10. Other Evils 11. Individualism Part IV Human Capabilities and Potential 12. What the Senses Can Offer 13. What the Mind Can Offer Part V The Individual 14. Individuals vs. Group: Particularity vs. Oneness 15. Am I Real and Do I Matter? 16. Equality and Inequality 17. Progress Considered One More Time 18. Individuality Destiny: A Fantasy Part IV Parting Thoughts 19. Becoming Whole Notes Index About the Author

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