Happiness at work : maximizing your psychological capital for success


    • Pryce-Jones, Jessica


Happiness at work : maximizing your psychological capital for success

Jessica Pryce-Jones

Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [190]-221) and index



Sharing the results of her four-year research journey in simple, jargon-free language, Pryce-Jones exposes the secrets of being happy at work.* Focuses on what happiness really means in a work context and why it matters to individuals and organisations in both human and financial terms* Equips readers with the information, knowledge and skills to make the most of the nearly 100,000 hours that they'll spend at work over a lifetime* Demystifies psychological research through a fascinating array of anecdotes, case studies, and interviews from people in the trenches of the working world, including business world-leaders, politicians, particle physicists, and philosophers, sheep farmers, waitresses, journalists, teachers, and lawyers, to name just a few


Prologue. Acknowledgments. 1 Why Happiness at Work? Why Now? 2 The Research Journey. 3 Contribution from the Inside-Out. 4 Contribution from the Outside-In. 5 Conviction. 6 Culture. 7 Commitment. 8 Confidence. 9 Pride, Trust, and Recognition. 10 Achieving Your Potential. Happiness at Work: A Conclusion. What Next? References. Dramatis Personae. Index.

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