Geotechnical engineering principles, problematic soils and site investigation


Geotechnical engineering principles, problematic soils and site investigation

edited by John Burland ... [et al.]

(ICE manuals, . ICE manual of geotechnical engineering ; v. 1)

ICE, 2012

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At head of title: ICE, Institution of Civil Engineers

Set ISBN for subseries: 9780727736529

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Many civil engineers leave university with some knowledge of applied mechanics, geology and some soil and rock mechanics but often a limited grounding in geotechnical engineering. A good geotechnical engineer needs to appreciate the balance between theoretical principles, practical experience and the uncertainties present when dealing with the ground in its natural state. The ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering is intended to address this need by delivering an authoritative and comprehensive reference providing the core geotechnical engineering principles, practical techniques, and the major questions engineers should keep in mind when dealing with real-world engineering challenges - all within a consistently coherent framework. This volume looks at how to apply geotechnical knowledge in the construction process; tackling onsite, practical situations, including design.


1. Context 2. Fundamental Principles 3. Problematic Soils and Their Issues 4. Site Investigation

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