The anglicization of European lexis


The anglicization of European lexis

edited by Cristiano Furiassi, Virginia Pulcini, Félix Rodríguez González

John Benjamins, c2012

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This volume explores the lexical influence of English on European languages, a topical theme with linguistic and cultural implications. It provides an extensive introductory background to a cross-national view of English-induced lexical borrowing, posing crucial analytical questions such as what counts as an Anglicism. It also offers a typology of borrowings with examples from the languages represented: Armenian, Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish. The articles in this volume address general and language-specific issues related to the analysis and collection of Anglicisms, extending the scope to the largely unexplored area of phraseology and bringing new insights into corpus-based and corpus-driven methodologies. This volume fits into a well-established and constantly developing research field and will appeal to scholars interested in the spread of English as an international language, contact and contrastive linguistics, lexicology and lexicography, and computer corpus lexicography.


  • 1. List of contributors
  • 2. Acknowledgements
  • 3. The lexical influence of English on European languages: From words to phraseology (by Pulcini, Virginia)
  • 4. Section I. Exploring Anglicisms: Problems and methods
  • 5. Chapter 1. Fair play to them: Proficiency in English and types of borrowing (by MacKenzie, Ian)
  • 6. Chapter 2. Proposing a pragmatic distinction for lexical Anglicisms (by Winter-Froemel, Esme)
  • 7. Chapter 3. Investigating gender variation of English loanwords in German (by Callies, Marcus)
  • 8. Chapter 4. The collection of Anglicisms: Methodological issues in connection with impact studies in Norway (by Graedler, Anne-Line)
  • 9. Chapter 5. Semi-automatic approaches to Anglicism detection in Norwegian corpus data (by Andersen, Gisle)
  • 10. Chapter 6. Lexicographic description of recent Anglicisms in Serbian: The project and its results (by Prcic, Tvrtko)
  • 11. Chapter 7. Anglicisms in Armenian: Processes of adaptation (by Galstyan, Anahit)
  • 12. Section II. English-induced phraseology
  • 13. Chapter 8. Phraseology in flux: Danish Anglicisms beneath the surface (by Gottlieb, Henrik)
  • 14. Chapter 9. Multi-word loan translations and semantic borrowings from English in French journalistic discourse (by Marti Solano, Ramon)
  • 15. Chapter 10. Newly-coined Anglicisms in contemporary Spanish: A corpus-based approach (by Oncins-Martinez, Jose Luis)
  • 16. Chapter 11. Der Elefant im Raum...: The influence of English on German phraseology (by Fiedler, Sabine)
  • 17. Chapter 12. English influence on Polish proverbial language (by Rozumko, Agata)
  • 18. Section III. Anglicisms in specialized discourse
  • 19. Chapter 13. English direct loans in European football lexis (by Bergh, Gunnar)
  • 20. Chapter 14. Incorporation degrees of selected economics-related Anglicisms in Italian (by Gaudio, Paola)
  • 21. Chapter 15. Anglicisms in the discourse of Alitalia's bailout in the Italian press (by Fusari, Sabrina)
  • 22. Author index
  • 23. Author index
  • 24. Subject index
  • 25. Language index
  • 26. Subject index

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