Canada's national security in the post-9/11 world : strategy, interests, and threats


    • McDonough, David S.


Canada's national security in the post-9/11 world : strategy, interests, and threats

edited by David S. McDonough

University of Toronto Press, c2012

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After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which targeted the heart of financial and military power in the United States, Canada once again proved its credentials as a key American ally. With the imminent end of its combat role in Afghanistan, however, it is time to take stock of how Canada has adapted to the exigencies of the post-9/11 world and to consider the future directions for its foreign, defence, and security policies. This timely exploration and re-assessment of Canada's approach to strategic affairs offers a diverse set of nuanced, sometimes controversial, and always insightful perspectives on the most pressing security challenges that Canada currently faces. Bringing together noted experts on these issues - including a Canadian Senator, a past Minister of National Defence, former high-level military officers, and top scholars - this collection provides powerful ideas and guidance for the difficult task of formulating an overarching national security strategy.


Contents Table of Contents Foreword Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction David S. McDonough Part One: A Framework for National Security 1: The Need for a Canadian Grand Strategy Charles F. Doran and David Pratt 2: Canada's National and International Security Interests Don Macnamara 3: The Balance of Freedoms: A Fresh Strategic Framework Hugh D. Segal Part Two: The Home Front 4: Defence Procurement and Industry Craig Stone 5: Homeland Security and Defence in the Post-9/11 Era Elinor Sloan 6: Continental Defence: "Like farmers whose lands have a common concession line" Joseph T. Jockel and Joel J. Sokolsky Part Three: Regions and Players of Interest 7: NATO and the EU: Canada's Security Interests in Europe and Beyond Alexander Moens 8: Shift to the Pacific: Canada's Security Interests and Maritime Strategy in East Asia Thomas Adams 9: South Asia: Growing Risks, Growing Importance and Canada's Evolving Role Douglas Goold Part Four: Expeditionary Missions and the Future of the CF 10: From Paardeberg to Panjwai: Canadian National Interests in Expeditionary Operations David J. Bercuson and J. L. Granatstein 11: Stabilization Operations in Afghanistan and in the Future: The Need for a Strategic Canadian Approach Ann M. Fitz-Gerald Part Five: Issues, Risks and Threats 12: Canada's Defence and Security Policies after 2011: Missions, Means and Money Douglas L. Bland and Brian MacDonald 13: WMD Proliferation, Missile Defence and Outer Space: A Canadian Perspective James Fergusson and David S. McDonough 14: Counter-Capability and Counter-Motivation: A Counterterrorism Strategy for Canada Alex S. Wilner Conclusion David S. McDonough

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