Costume and fashion : a concise history : 348 illustration, 85 in colour


Costume and fashion : a concise history : 348 illustration, 85 in colour

James Laver

(World of art)

Thames & Hudson, 2012

5th ed

  • : pbk

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First published in the United Kingdom in 1969

Includes bibliographical references and index

5th ed.: penultimate chapter by Amy de la Haye and Andrew Tucker ; concluding chapter by Amy de la Haye



The new fifth edition of this classic guide to clothing throughout history now extends into the second decade of the 21st century. James Lavers classic study of clothing, from the invention of the needle to the dawn of denim, neolithic weavers to catwalk creations, has been updated once again to cover the latest trends, from vintage to high street chic and the spectacular reinvention of haute couture. Featuring designers such as Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, and style leaders Kate Moss and the Duchess of Cambridge, a new final chapter explains the forces shaping fashion today, including Internet technology, celebrity influence, fast fashion, the recession and global markets. With eight new pages, six new illustrations and an entirely new final chapter, this book reclaims its position as the definitive concise history of the subject, and remains essential reading for all students of art, costume and fashion.

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