The new Chinese economy : dynamic transitions into the future


The new Chinese economy : dynamic transitions into the future

edited by Elias C. Grivoyannis

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

1st ed

  • : hardback
  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The most recent account of what is going on in the fast changing world and Chinese economics. Topics in the book include economic development, banking and finance, education reform, consumption patterns, the impact of social networking, population dynamics, policy making, and the challenges ahead for the rising economic global superpower.


A Historic Background of China's Economy International Implications of China's Opening Economy The Role of Government Agencies in China's Economic Growth Land Property Rights and Land Transferring in China's Industrialization Process Private Banking Development in Modern China Higher Education Reform and Precautionary Savings in China Social Network and Consumption Smoothing in Rural China Accounting for Consumption Inequality in China's Population The Dynamics of Income Distribution in Chinese Cities The Club Convergence Across Chinese Provinces Population Mobility to Chinese Cities and Policies for the Equalization of Public Services Financial and Economic Stability in China at the End of the US Great Moderation

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