An introduction to religion and politics : theory and practice


An introduction to religion and politics : theory and practice

Jonathan Fox

(Routledge studies in religion and politics)

Routledge, 2013

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An Introduction to Religion and Politics offers a comprehensive overview of the many theories of religion and politics, and provides students with an accessible but in-depth account of the most significant debates, issues and methodologies. Fox examines the ways in which religion influences politics, analyses the current key issues and provides a state of the art account of religion and politics, highlighting the diversity in state religion policies around the world. Topics covered include: Secularism and secularization Religious identity Religious worldviews, beliefs, doctrines and theologies Religious legitimacy Religious institutions and mobilization Rational and functional religion Religious fundamentalism Conflict, violence and terror This work combines theoretical analysis with data on the religion policies of 177 governments, showing that while most of the world's government support religion and many restrict it; true neutrality on the issue of religion is extremely rare. Religion is becoming an inescapable issue in politics. This work will be essential reading for all students of religion and politics, and will also be of great interest to those studying related subjects such as comparative politics, international relations and war and conflict studies.


1. Introduction Part I: Theories of Religion and Politics 2. Secularization and Secularism 3. Religious Identity 4. Religious Worldviews, Beliefs, Doctrines, and Theologies 5. Religious Legitimacy 6. Religious Institutions and Political Mobilization 7. Rational and Functional Religion 8. Religious Fundamentalism 9. Religion and Conflict Part II: The Religion Policies of 175 Governments 10. Christian Majority States I: Western Democracies and the former Soviet Bloc 11. Christian States II: The Third World 12. Muslim Majority States 13. Other Religions 14. Conclusions

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