Science and religion : an introduction


Science and religion : an introduction

Alister E. McGrath

Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

2nd ed

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Science & religion

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Introducing the dialogue between science and religion
  • History : three landmark debates
  • Why does history matter?
  • Debate 1: Copernicus, Galileo and the solar system
  • Debate 2: Newton, the mechanical universe, and deism
  • Debate 3: Darwin and the biological origins of humanity
  • Science and religion : general themes
  • Models of interaction between science and religion
  • Science, religion, and the explanation of things
  • Science, religion, and proofs for God's existence
  • Verification and falsification in science and religion
  • Realism and its alternatives in science and religion
  • The doctrine of creation and the natural sciences
  • How does god act in the world?
  • The use of models in science and religion
  • Natural science and natural theology
  • Theoretical anomalies in science and religion
  • The development of theory in science and religion
  • The interaction of science and religion in other faiths
  • Science and religion : contemporary debates
  • Richard Dawkins and scientific atheism : does science deny God?
  • Cosmology : does the anthropic principle mean anything?
  • Quantum theory : complementarity in science and religion
  • Evolutionary biology : can one speak of design in nature?
  • Evolutionary psychology : the origins of religious belief
  • The psychology of religion : exploring religious experience
  • The cognitive science of religion : is religion natural?
  • Case studies in science and religion
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)
  • Thomas F. Torrance (1913-2007)
  • Charles A. Coulson (1910-74)
  • Ian R. Barbour (born 1923)
  • Arthur Peacocke (1924-2006)
  • Wolfhart Pannenberg (born 1928)
  • John Polkinghorne (born 1930)
  • Nancey Murphy (born 1951)
  • Alister E. McGrath (born 1953)
  • Philip Clayton (born 1956)



Now thoroughly updated to reflect the latest debates, this popular textbook introduces readers to the central questions in the field of science and religion. Ideally suited to those who have little or no prior knowledge in either area, it incorporates numerous student-friendly features, including maps, summaries, and historical references, resulting in the most up-to-date introduction to the study of religion and the natural sciences available. Examines the historical, theological, philosophical and scientific aspects of the interaction between religion and science Fully updated to reflect current, cutting-edge debates on scientific atheism and the limits of scientific method, and discussions about the relationship between science and religion in major world faiths Includes a historical component to enable readers to orientate themselves within the subject Takes a topic based approach which fits into the existing structure of most courses, and includes explanatory material not found in other works of this kind, making it highly accessible for those with little scientific or religious background knowledge Incorporates illustrations, tables, maps, summaries and questions for a lively and engaging approach to the subject Written by world-renowned theologian, Alister McGrath; author of bestselling books such as Dawkins' God , and an acknowledged expert in the field of science and religion


Preface vii How To Use This Book ix 1 Introducing the Dialogue Between Science and Religion 1 Part I History: Three Landmark Debates 7 2 Why Study History? 9 3 Debate 1: Copernicus, Galileo, and the Solar System 17 4 Debate 2: Newton, the Mechanical Universe, and Deism 26 5 Debate 3: Darwin and the Biological Origins of Humanity 33 Part II Science and Religion: General Themes 43 6 Models of Interaction Between Science and Religion 45 7 Science, Religion, and the Explanation of Things 51 8 Science, Religion, and Proofs for God's Existence 59 9 Verifi cation and Falsifi cation in Science and Religion 67 10 Realism and its Alternatives in Science and Religion 76 11 The Doctrine of Creation and the Natural Sciences 84 12 How Does God Act in the World? 93 13 The Use of Models in Science and Religion 102 14 Natural Science and Natural Theology 110 15 Theoretical Anomalies in Science and Religion 120 16 The Development of Theory in Science and Religion 128 17 The Interaction of Science and Religion in Other Faiths 135 Part III Science and Religion: Contemporary Debates 143 18 Richard Dawkins and Scientifi c Atheism: Does Science Deny God? 145 19 Cosmology: Does the Anthropic Principle Mean Anything? 151 20 Quantum Theory: Complementarity in Science and Religion 157 21 Evolutionary Biology: Can One Speak of "Design" in Nature? 163 22 Evolutionary Psychology: The Origins of Religious Belief 169 23 The Psychology of Religion: Exploring Religious Experience 175 24 The Cognitive Science of Religion: Is Religion "Natural"? 184 Part IV Case Studies in Science and Religion 191 25 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) 193 26 Thomas F. Torrance (1913-2007) 197 27 Charles A. Coulson (1910-74) 201 28 Ian G. Barbour (born 1923) 205 29 Arthur Peacocke (1924-2006) 209 30 Wolfhart Pannenberg (born 1928) 213 31 John Polkinghorne (born 1930) 217 32 Nancey Murphy (born 1951) 221 33 Alister E. McGrath (born 1953) 225 34 Philip Clayton (born 1956) 229 Conclusion 233 References 235 Index 240

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