Struggle and survival in Palestine/Israel


Struggle and survival in Palestine/Israel

edited by Mark LeVine and Gershon Shafir

University of California Press, c2012

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Too often, the study of Israel/Palestine has focused on elite actors and major events. "Struggle and Survival in Palestine/Israel" takes advantage of new sources about everyday life and the texture of changes on the ground to put more than two dozen human faces on the past and present of the region. With contributions from a leading cast of scholars across disciplines, the stories here are drawn from a variety of sources, from stories passed down through generations to family archives, interviews, and published memoirs. As these personal narratives are transformed into social biographies, they explore how the protagonists were embedded in but also empowered by their social and historical contexts. This wide-ranging and accessible volume brings a human dimension to a conflict-ridden history, emphasizing human agency, introducing marginal voices alongside more well-known ones, defying "typical" definitions of Israelis and Palestinians, and, ultimately, redefining how we understand both "struggle" and "survival" in a troubled region.


  • Foreword by Edmund Burke III Introduction: Social Biographies in Making Sense of History Gershon Shafir and Mark LeVine Part One. Voices of the Ottoman Past: From the Mountains to the Sea 1. "Left Naked on the Beach": The Villagers of Aylut in the Grip of the New Templers Mahmoud Yazbak 2. The Sephardi Entrepreneur and British Vice-Consul Haim Amzalak Joseph B. Glass and Ruth Kark 3. A Musician's Lot: Wasif Jawhariyyeh's Old Jerusalem Salim Tamari 4. Revolutionary Pioneer: Manya Shochat and Her Commune Gershon Shafir Part Two: From Empire to Empire: Palestine under British Rule 5. Hero or Antihero? S. Yizhar's Ambivalent Zionism and the First Sabra Generation Nitsa Ben-Ari 6. "A Son of the Country": Dr. Tawfiq Canaan, Modernist Physician and Palestinian Ethnographer Philippe Bourmaud 7. The Ordeal of Henya Pekelman, a Female Construction Worker David De Vries and Talia Pfeffermann 8. "A Nation in a Hero": Hajj Mohammad Abdul Rahim and the Arab Revolt Sonia Nimr 9. Hillel Kook: Revisionism and Rescue Becky Kook Part Three: A State Is Born
  • A Nation Is Dispersed 10. Matar 'Abdelrahim: From a Palestinian Village to a Syrian Refugee Camp Rochelle Davis 11. Joseph Spronz: From the Holocaust to a Safe Shore Gershon Shafir 12. The Trees Die Standing: A Story of a Palestinian Refugee Ramzy Baroud 13. The Brief Career of Prosper Cohen: A Would-Be Leader of Moroccan Jewry Yaron Tsur 14. A Tale of Baghdad and Tel Aviv Aziza Khazzoom 15. Is Slavery Over? Black and White Bedouin Women in the Naqab (Negev) Safa Abu-Rabia Part Four: A Land Occupied and Liberated 16. Of Possessions and Dispossessions: A Story of Palestinian Property in Jewish Israeli Lives Rebecca L. Stein 17. The Rise and Fall of the Russian-Speaking Journalist in Israel Nelly Elias and Julia Lerner 18. The Village against the Settlement: Two Generations of Conflict in the Nablus Region Moriel Ram and Mark LeVine 19. Majed al-Masri in Two Intifadas in Nablus Laetitia Bucaille Part Five: An Impossible Peace, a Shared Future? 20. Benni Gaon: From Socialist to Capitalist Tycoon Michal Frenkel 21. From Religion to Revenge: Becoming a Hamas Suicide Bomber Bader Araj 22. Yigael Amir: The Making of a Political Assassin Michael Feige 23. Mais in the War of the Words Erin F. Olsen 24. Jonathan Pollak: An Anarchist "Traitor" in His Own Society Neve Gordon 25. Abu Ahmad and His Handalas Ala Alazzeh List of Contributors Index

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