Early Buddhist metaphysics : the making of a philosophical tradition


Early Buddhist metaphysics : the making of a philosophical tradition

Noa Ronkin

(Critical studies in Buddhism)

Routledge, 2010, c2005

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 254-268) and index



Early Buddhist Metaphysics provides a philosophical account of the major doctrinal shift in the history of early Theravada tradition in India: the transition from the earliest stratum of Buddhist thought to the systematic and allegedly scholastic philosophy of the Pali Abhidhamma movement. Entwining comparative philosophy and Buddhology, the author probes the Abhidhamma's metaphysical transition in terms of the Aristotelian tradition and vis-a-vis modern philosophy, exploits Western philosophical literature from Plato to contemporary texts in the fields of philosophy of mind and cultural criticism.


Introduction: Situating Theravadin Doctrinal Thought: Towards a Comparative Buddhist Philosophy 1. The Further Teaching: Abhidhamma Thought in Context 2. What the Buddha Taught and Abhidhamma Thought: From Dhamma 3. The Development of the Concept of Sabhava and Buddhist 4. Individuals: Revisiting the Abhidhamma Dhamma Theory 5. Causation as the Handmaid of Metaphysics: From the Paticcasamuppada to the Patthana Concluding Reflections

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