Locke, Berkeley, Kant : from a naturalistic point of view


Locke, Berkeley, Kant : from a naturalistic point of view

Yasuhiko Tomida

(Philosophische Texte und Studien, Bd. 112)

G. Olms, 2012

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 4



Includes bibliographical references (p. [211]-218) and index



This volume consists of Yasuhiko Tomida's critical essays on Locke, Berkeley, and Kant, as well as a supplementary article in collaboration with a brilliant physicist. Tomida shows that the original logical space of the theory of ideas is a 'naturalistic' one -- in Quine's sense of the term -- and asserts that Berkeley and Kant distort it in their respective ways. The volume offers a wholly new perspective on the historiography of the theory of ideas. 'Professor Tomida has brought some valuable, fresh insights to the reading of Locke's text. All those interested in Locke's account of knowledge and the implicit ontology of the Essay should examine [his work] very carefully.' (John W. Yolton) 'The author has been arguing for his basic stance of Locke for these ten years; his reading of Berkeley certainly does have a lot going for it (and his knowledge of the texts and the secondary literature is impressive), and even if Berkeley or a Berkeleian might attempt some sort of defence against that charge of a distortion, I am not totally convinced that they'd 'win'. I always enjoy reading Tomida.

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