Dental statistics made easy


    • Smeeton, N. C.


Dental statistics made easy

Nigel Smeeton

Radcliffe Publishing, c2012

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Includes bibliographical references and index



This essential textbook presents the complexities of dental statistics in a user friendly way - combining questions, analysis, advice and solutions to practical research problems. It focuses on the principles of statistics and how to apply that knowledge, without complex algebraic formulae. Fully revised and extended and now in its second edition this detailed guide covers new and emerging issues whilst retaining the original focus: understanding statistical concepts rather than the performance of routine calculations. For students, it thoroughly covers the undergraduate dental statistics curriculum, with the added feature of a wide range of useful, practical exercises (multiple choice, short answer questions, and longer problems). For practitioners, especially those involved in the growing number of research networks, it covers study design, providing basic knowledge about the concepts of statistics and how to apply them in dental practice research.


Preface to the second edition. Preface to the first edition. Introduction. Planning a study. Types of study in dental research. Sampling. Randomised controlled trials. Ethical considerations. The Normal distribution. Diagnostic tests. Sampling variation. Introduction to hypothesis tests. Comparing two means. Dealing with proportions and categorical data. Comparing several means. Regression, correlation and agreement. Non-Normally distributed data. The choice of sample size. Statistical refereeing. Appendix. Solutions to exercises. Index.

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