Fluid physiology and pathology in traditional Chinese medicine


Fluid physiology and pathology in traditional Chinese medicine

Steven Clavey ; foreword by Dan Bensky

Churchill Livingstone, 1995

1st ed



Includes bibliographical references (p. 313-326) and index



The concept of physiological and pathological fluids is fundamental to an understanding of Chinese medicine and to its clinical practice. This book assists in the diagnosis of conditions resulting from fluid pathology and discusses approaches to treatment using both herbal remedies and acupuncture, with emphasis on herbal therapeutics. The text is augmented by clinical cases, and useful listings of formulae and herbs used in treatments. Translations from some of the classic Chinese texts on fluid pathology complete this comprehensive reference. The book fills a large gap in the literature and treatment techniques available to TCM practitioners in the West, by providing herbal formulae and treatment recipes along with useful tips from experienced practitioners. Features: * Comprehensive - covers physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment * Nothing similar available in English * Authentic - draws extensively on original translations of Chinese sources ranging from the classic era through to modern times * Authoritative - written by a highly qualified practitioner, described by Giovanni Maciocia as a 'master of the subject' * Outstanding treatment of phlegm and its problems * Practical - case studies and herbal listings translate theory into practice


The Concepts of 'Fluids' in TCM. Fluid Physiology. From the Classics. Fluid Pathology. An Overview. Tan-Yin. Shui-Shi. Principles of the Herbal Treatment of Fluid Deficiency. Principles in the Herbal Treatment of Damp. Principles in the Herbal Treatment of Phlegm. Principles in the Herbal Treatment of Yin. Acupuncture. Special Physiologies in TCM. Classical Selections. Especially Important Sections of This Book. Formulas Mentioned in This Book. Herbs Mentioned in This Book. Index

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