Search computing : trends and developments



Search computing : trends and developments

Stefano Ceri, Marco Brambilla (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 6585 . State-of-the-art-survey)

Springer, c2011

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"This book reports the proceedings of the workshop "New Trends in Search Computing," held in Como and Milan during May 25-31, 2010, as the follow-up of the workshop "Search Computing Challenge and Directions"--P. vii

"LNCS sublibrary: SL 3 - information systems and application, incl. Internet/Web and HCI"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Search computing, which has evolved from service computing, focuses on building the answers to complex search queries by interacting with a constellation of cooperating search services, using the ranking and joining of results as the dominant factors for service composition. The field is multi-disciplinary in nature and takes advantage of contributions from other research areas such as knowledge representation, human-computer interfaces, psychology, sociology, economics, and legal sciences. This book, the second in the Search Computing series, describes the evolution of theories, technologies, and methods related to search computing. The book has been divided into eight parts, reflecting the main research directions within the Search Computing project. The parts focus on: search as an information exploration task; interaction design issues when dealing with multi-domain search results; modeling and semantic description of search services; the rank-join problem; query processing techniques and architectures; tools and mashups for application development; the application of search computing to bio-informatics; and the exploitation potentials of project results.


The Search Process:- The New Frontier of Web Search Technology: Seven Challenges.- Information Exploration in Search Computing.- Trends in Search Interaction.- Interaction Design:- Context and Action in Search Interfaces.- Desktop, Tabletop or Mobile?.- Visualization of Multi-domain Ranked Data.- Semantic Description:- Semantic Resource Framework.- Automatic Normalization and Annotation for Discovering Semantic Mappings.- Towards an Ontological Representation of Services in Search Computing.- Rank Join:- The Rank Join Problem.- Proximity Rank Join in Search Computing.- Uncertainty in Rank Join.- Trends in Rank Join.- Query Processing:- Efficient Computation of Search Computing Queries.- Run-Time Adaptivity for Search Computing.- Tools and Mashups:- Tools Supporting Search Computing Application Development.- Distributed User Interface Orchestration: On the Composition of Multi-User (Search) Applications.- On Development Practices for End Users.- Bio-SeCo:- Bio-SeCo: Integration and Global Ranking of Biomedical Search Results.- Workflows for Information Integration in the Life Sciences.- Complex Search, Ranks, and Biological Discovery: A User's Perspective.- Towards a Sustainable Exploitation:- An Experience in Applying User Centered Design to Search Computing.- Analysis of Business Models for Search Computing.

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