Machine design and manufacturing engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Conference on Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ICMDME 2012), May 11-12, 2012, Jeju Island, South Korea


    • International Conference on Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering
    • Gao, Sally


Machine design and manufacturing engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Conference on Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ICMDME 2012), May 11-12, 2012, Jeju Island, South Korea

edited by Sally Gao

(Advanced materials research, v. 566)

Trans Tech Publications, c2012

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The aim of ICMDME 2012 was to present the latest research results of scientists and engineers, as related to Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering. The present peer-reviewed papers are grouped into 3 chapters: Machine Elements and Mechanisms - Design and Analysis; Manufacturing Processes and Systems - Automation and Control; New Technology in Manufacturing. Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Design of Driving Circuit of GDI Injector and Experiment Verification Investigation into Influence of Cutting Fluid and Liquid Nitrogen on Machined Surface Residual Stress Estimation of Measurement Upper Limit in Deriving the Vibration Environmental Test Conditions by Bootstrap Method Observation of Magnetic Fields in Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steel JIS S45C under Point Contact Loading Statical Performance Analysis of the Reconfigurable Machine Tool Structure by Boundnary Element Method Based on the Calculation and Analysis of the Separator of the Strength of the Cast Iron Base Based on PLC and GM's Two-Speed Elevator Transducer System Design Influence of the Rudder Time Constant on the Ship Motion FIR Filter Design Using Modified Lanczos Window Function Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Secondary Piezoelectric Effect of a Piezoelectric Cantilever Energy Harvester Welded Joint Fatigue Cumulative Damage MMM Characteristic Surface Crack Growth from Small Indentations in a Silicon Nitride Square Bar under Cyclic Reversed Torsion Computational Issues in Rate-Dependent Plasticity Models Research on Boundary Extraction of STL Models based on Genetic Algorithm A Study of Transverse Shrinkage and Vertical Displacement in Induction Triangle Heating A Knowledge Based CAD/CAE Integrated Multidisciplinary Design System Determination and Analysis of the Order of Stress in a Homogeneous Field Multivariate Time Series Prediction Based on a Simple RBF Network Effect of Off-Center Magnetization Location on Changes in Magnetic Fields under Single Spherical Hertzian Contact Observation of Crack Propagation in PEEK Polymer Bearings under Water-Lubricated Conditions A Research Development in Autocorrelation of Nonlinear Pseudorandom Sequences A Simple USB Keyboard to Realize One-Way Communication Catching Data from Displayers by Machine Vision The Application of Image Processing Technology to Flow Discrimination from Float Flowmeters Application of Phase Division Based on Dissimilarity Index in Batch Process Monitoring Analysis to the Forces and Movement Characteristic of the Dispersal Phase in Swirling Flow Field Influence of Laser Heat Treatment on Fracture Strength of Ceramic Thin Film Observation of Fisheye Cracks around TiN and Al2O3 Inclusions in Repeatedly Quenched High Carbon Bearing Steel Effect of Thrust Load and Rotation Speed on Wear Loss in PPS Race - PTFE Retainer Hybrid Polymer Thrust Bearings under Dry Contact The Implementation and Research of CAN Control Network Maximum Output Operation by Equivalently Field Weakening and Optimal Parameters of BLDC Motor Observation of Crack Initiation from Inclusions in Rolling Contact Fatigue Tested Specimens, Using a Newly Developed Single-Ball Testing Device Dynamics Modeling for Satellite Antenna Dish Stabilized Platform Observations of Cracks from Microscopic Holes of PEEK Bearings under Rolling-Contact Fatigue in Water The Optimal Cutter Length Determining for Fixed 5-Axis Milling Model Design of Universal Open Intelligent Classroom Teaching Software Research on Intelligent Monitoring Mechanism of Heat Exchanger Operating Conditions Experimental Analysis of Wear Mechanism and Tool Life in Dry Drilling of Al2024 Influences of the Cutting Path about Machining Performance in Manufacturing Titanium Alloys Ti6Al4V Thin-Walled Components The Application and Research on Electronic Load The Influence of Gravity Inaccuracy in Underwater ESG Inertial Navigation System Estimating Gyro Drift of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Based on Star Sensor A New Simplification Method within Deviation Parameters and Allowed Angles Research on Extension-Fuzzy-Based Evaluation Used for Performance of Heat Exchanger Study on Dynamic Response of Torsional Vibration of Turbo-Generator Unit Caused by Short Circuit Fault Sequencing Mixed-Model Assembly Lines to Minimize the Variation of Parts Consumption by Hybrid Genetic Algorithms Fixed Contact Surface Modal Analysis Safety Improving Technology for Finish Machining of Wing-Fuselage Joints Modeling of Direct Extrusion of Porous Powder Billets Dynamic Drawing Treatment of the Three-Bridge High-Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine Design of the Tooth Profile of a Full Conjugate Helical Gear Pump Design and Modeling of Electric Assistance Power Steering System Microstructure and Rolling Contact Fatigue Strength of Induction Heated AISI 52100 Bearings Finite Element Analysis of Copper Wire Bonding in Integrated Circuit Devices A Creative Design for Assistive Bicycles CAD Course in Engineering Education Comparison between the RCF Performance of TiN- and TiO2-Laser Coated Ti64 Bearings The Restrain Theory of Gyro Constant Error with Rotation Modulation Simulation Study of Harmonic Compensation Device Based on Combination of FC-TCR and TSC for Drilling Rigs Design of Composite Brakes Using Knowledge-Based Design Methodology Ultimate Strength Analysis for a Concrete Beam after a Sustained Building Fire Building Three-Dimensional Merged Surface Model from Polygonal Models Reliability Optimization Design for Mechanical Components Measurement of Joint Element Transmission Error in a Humanoid Walking Robot Modal Analysis of the Surface Grinding Machine Structure through FEM and Experimental Test Design and Manufacture of Double-Ring Deployable Truss A New Anti-Brake System Verification in Electric Vehicle Driven by Four Wheel Motors Based on GB 21670-2008 Study of Security of Virtual Host Based on XML Design and Research on Constant Tension Controller in Electric Power Transmission Characteristics of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer from Sintered Surfaces Fabrication of Membrane-Electrolyte Assembly with Nanocomposite for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell The Study of Configuration Algorithm Based on Variable Resources Analysis Design for Assembly by MTM-2 (Methods Time Measurement-2) for Wood Joints in Furniture Homology Applied to Characterization of Welded Grain Structures in Low Carbon Steel A Novel File-Level Continuous Data Protection System Risk Evaluation of Failure Mode Using Fuzzy AHP and Variable Weight Synthesizing Design of Control System Used for Cells Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based on TMS320F2407 Quenching of Ceramic Coated Steels by Scanning Laser The Development of Temperature Measurement System in Laser Molten Pool Based on Monochrome CCD with High Speed Improved Flame Retardancy and Mechanical Properties of Composite Material S-NiMgAl-Y/EVA Outflow Curve and its Simulation for a Class of Reaction Chromatography with Gradual Changed Head-On Injection Investigation into Different Tool Coating performance While Turning Al6061 Research on Internet of Things Technology in Railway Signal Device Management Gripping Stability to Assess Aesthetical Shape: A PET Bottle Case Study Pre-Strained Piezoelectric PVDF Nanofiber Array Fabricated by Near-Field Electrospining on Cylindrical Process for Flexible Energy Conversion Optimization Electro Discharge Machining of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy with Silicon Carbide Powder Mixed Forming Complicated Surface in Shipyard Using Neural Network System Accurate Measurement of CTE of Aluminum Alloy 7050-T7451 and the Impact on Thermal Deformation Analysis Design of Railway Journal Box Embedded with FBG Sensor to Monitor Temperature and Acoustic Emission Signal Design of Distributed Brillouin Scattering Sensor System for Structural Health Monitoring Simulation Analysis of Working Process for Core Seed Metering Device Based on Discrete Element Method Dynamic Scheduling Using Immune Genetic Algorithm for Agile MES Implementation of Remote Monitoring System Based on SNMP Protocol and Virtual Instrument for Shipborned Equipments in TT&C The Measurement of Liquid Level Based on Peak Image Recognition Technique The Design and Study on Actuator Performance Test System Shaping the Ship Yaw Response by the State-Space Feedback Gain Empirical Study on Correlation of Manufacturing Companies' Compensation Gap with the Performance Stick-Slip Simulation of Feeding System in Silicon Ultra-Precision Grinding Machine Design and Application of MMM System for Welding Residual Stress Test A Ship Deformation Measurement Method Based on Quasi-Static Model Research on the Accuracy of Mask Projection Stereo-Lithography Research on Application of Processing Technology and Magnesium Alloy Materials Design of Bulldozer's Remote Monitoring Service System Based on GPS Process Research of Laser Variable-Spot Overlap Cladding Based on Inside-Laser Coaxial Powder Feeding Design and Evaluation of Bupt-Cloud-Storage System Study of Remote Fault Diagnosis System to Wind Generator Gearbox Based on DSP Improvement on Supporting Machine Learning Algorithm for Solving Problem in Immediate Decision Making Exploratory Research on Earnings Forecast Model-Based on Chinese Manufacturing Companies Research on the Access-Authorizing-Problem in a Collaborative Manufacturing Platform Model and Heuristic Algorithm for Steel Productive Resources Balance Problem High Birefringence and Negative Dispersion Effect of Hybrid-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Prediction of Geographical Criminal's Anchor Point Based on Bayesian-Grid Search Development of High Temperature Electron Bombardment Evaporator for Ultra-High Vacuum Research of Micro Burr in Miniaturized Milling Process Research on System of Process Information Integrating and Monitoring for Production Process of Metallurgical Industry Based on Web An Evolutionary Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem in Steel Tube Production Scene Modeling and Driving of a Visual Simulation System Research on Road Surface Cracks Detection Based on Rough Set Vibration Analysis and Optimal Design in Hydraulic Leveling System Research on Pedal Feeling Simulator Based on Magnetorheological Liquid A Review of Man-Machine Interface Design Research in China Finite Element Model and Analysis for Micro-Cutting of Aluminum Alloy 7050-T7451 Early Stages of the Wear Behavior of AISI 440C Stainless Steel under Rolling Contact in Water Determination of Hemoglobin in Human Whole Blood Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Stability Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Lifting System on Shearer Twin Tube Shock Absorber Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Simulation Transonic Drag Prediction on a DLR-F6 Transport Configuration Error Modeling and Simulation Analysis for the Vehicle Launching System Erecting Research on Network Examination System Model Based on Multi-AGENT On Constitutive Relations in Non-Smooth Elasto/Viscoplasticity Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of the Spindle of Planer Drilling Machine Based on ANSYS Analysis of the Symmetry for a Rotating Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Design and Implementation of a Online Network User Behavior Analysis System Waveband Selection for FTIR/ATR Spectroscopy Analysis of Total Cholesterol in Human Serum

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