The violence of petro-dollar regimes : Algeria, Iraq, and Libya


The violence of petro-dollar regimes : Algeria, Iraq, and Libya

Luis Martinez ; translated by Cynthia Schoch

(The CERI series in comparative politics and international studies / [edited by] Jean-François Bayart and Christophe Jaffrelot)

Columbia University Press, c2012

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Bibliography: p. 191-200

Includes index



The creation of oil "rents" in the 1970s put Algeria, Iraq, and Libya on the fast track to modernization. Massive revenues turned Algeria into the "Mediterranean dragon," Libya into an "emirate," and Iraq into the preeminent "rising military power" of the Arab world. From a political perspective, the progressive socialism of these countries would seem to have engendered profound, promising change: increased rights for women, positive urbanization, and improved education. Yet the realities of oil wealth are beyond disillusioning. The international community now wonders whether reform can ever penetrate such nations and if the West will ever enjoy secure access to gas and oil. Offering the first global evaluation of these issues, Luis Martinez considers the nature of oil-sponsored violence in Algeria, Iraq, and Libya and its ability both to weaken and bolster their respective regimes.

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