The soul of anime : collaborative creativity and Japan's media success story


The soul of anime : collaborative creativity and Japan's media success story

Ian Condry

(Experimental futures : technological lives, scientific arts, anthropological voices)

Duke University Press, 2013

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [227]-236) and index

Contents: Who makes anime? --Collaborative networks, personal futures -- Characters and worlds as creative platforms -- Early directions in postwar anime -- When anime robots became real -- Making a cutting edge anime studio : the value of the gutter -- Dark energy : what overseas fans reveal about the copyright wars -- Love revolution : Otaku fans in Japan -- Future anime : collaborative creativity and cultural action



In The Soul of Anime, Ian Condry explores the emergence of anime, Japanese animated film and television, as a global cultural phenomenon. Drawing on ethnographic research, including interviews with artists at some of Tokyo's leading animation studios-such as Madhouse, Gonzo, Aniplex, and Studio Ghibli-Condry discusses how anime's fictional characters and worlds become platforms for collaborative creativity. He argues that the global success of Japanese animation has grown out of a collective social energy that operates across industries-including those that produce film, television, manga (comic books), and toys and other licensed merchandise-and connects fans to the creators of anime. For Condry, this collective social energy is the soul of anime.


Note on Translations and Names ix Introduction. Who Makes Anime? 1 1. Collaborative Networks, Personal Futures 35 2. Characters and Worlds as Creative Platforms 54 3. Early Directions in Postwar Anime 85 4. When Anime Robots Became Real 112 5. Making a Cutting-Edge Anime Studio: The Value of the Gutter 135 6. Dark Energy: What Overseas Fans Reveal about the Copyright Wars 161 7. Love Revolution: Otaku Fans in Japan 185 Conclusion. Future Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Cultural Action 204 Acknowledgments 218 Notes 221 References 227 Index 237

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