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A companion to Albert the Great : theology, philosophy, and the sciences

edited by Irven M. Resnick

(Brill's companions to the Christian tradition, 38)

Brill, c2013

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Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus; d. 1280) is one of the most prolific authors of the Middle Ages, and the only scholar to be known as "the Great" during his own lifetime. As the only Scholastic to to have commented upon all the works of Aristotle, Albert is also known as the Universal Doctor (Doctor Universalis) for his encyclopedic intellect, which enabled him to make important contributions not only to Christian theology but also to natural science and philosophy. The contributions to this omnibus volume will introduce students of philosophy, science, and theology to the current state of research and multiple perspectives on the work of Albert the Great. Contributors include Jan A. Aertsen, Henryk Anzulewicz, Benedict M. Ashley, Miguel de Asua, Steven Baldner, Amos Bertolacci, Therese Bonin, Maria Burger, Markus Fuhrer, Dagmar Gottschall, Jeremiah Hackett, Anthony Lo Bello, Isabelle Moulin, Timothy Noone, Mikolaj Olszewski, B.B. Price, Irven M. Resnick, Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo, H. Darrel Rutkin, Steven C. Snyder, Michael W. Tkacz, Martin J. Tracey, Bruno Tremblay, David Twetten, Rosa E. Vargas and Gilla Woellmer

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Conventions Albert the Great: Biographical Introduction Irven M. Resnick PART ONE: THEOLOGY The Systematic Theology of Albert the Great Henryk Anzulewicz The Nature of Theology According to Albert the Great Mikolaj Olszewski Albert the Great-Mariology Maria Burger Albert the Great and Mystical Epistemology Markus Fuhrer PART TWO: PHILOSOPHY Introduction to Albert's Philosophical Work David Twetten and Steven Baldner Albert's Physics David Twetten, Steven Baldner, and Steven C. Snyder Albert the Great and His Botany Gilla Woellmer War and Peace: Medicine and Natural Philosophy in Albert The Great Miguel de Asua Anthropology: Albert the Great On the Cogitative Power Benedict M. Ashley, OP Anthropology: The Concept of Man in Albert the Great Henryk Anzulewicz The Moral Thought of Albert the Great Martin J. Tracey Albert the Great and Mathematics Anthony Lo Bello Interpreting Albert the Great on Astronomy B.B. Price Albert the Great and the Speculum astronomiae: The State of the Research at the Beginning of the 21st Century Jeremiah Hackett Astrology and Magic H. Darrel Rutkin Albert the Great on Logic, Knowledge, and Science Michael W. Tkacz Albert the Great on Metaphysics Introduction Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo, David Twetten, and Bruno Tremblay. Albert on the Subject of Metaphysics Timothy Noone Metaphysics and its Relation to Theology in Albert's Thought Henryk Anzulewicz Albert on Metaphysics as First and Most Certain Philosophy Bruno Tremblay Plato and Platonic/Neoplatonic Sources in Albert Henryk Anzulewicz Albert's Use of Avicenna and Islamic Philosophy Amos Bertolacci Albert's Doctrine on the Transcendentals Jan A. Aertsen Albert and the Triplex universale Timothy Noone Albert on Being and Beings: The Doctrine of Esse Rosa E. Vargas Albert's Doctrine on Substance Isabelle Moulin Albert's Arguments for the Existence of God and the Primary Causes David Twetten Albert's De causis and the Creation of Being Therese Bonin Causality and Emanation in Albert Isabelle Moulin and David Twetten PART THREE: EPILOGUE Albert's Contributions to or Influence on Vernacular Literatures Dagmar Gottschall Contributor Biographies Bibliography Index

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