Peace and conflict studies


Peace and conflict studies

David P. Barash, Charles P. Webel

Sage, c2014

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Peace and Conflict Studies Third Edition, sets the standard for an accessible introduction and comprehensive exploration of this vital subject. The authors share their vast knowledge and analysis of 21st-century world events. Including new chapters on research methods and democracy, as well as timely topics such as: nuclear proliferation; models of conflict analysis, outcomes, and solutions; the Non-Proliferation Treaty; the rise of the BRICs countries; and much more. With an broad and authoritative scope, this introductory text chronicles a plethora of important global topics from pre-history to the present. Key Features - Includes updated chapters and examines current conflicts, including the latest developments in Iran and North Korea - Explores the important aspects of positive peace, individual violence, nationalism, and terrorism - Provides numerous visual aids, questions for further study, and suggested readings - Furnishes a comprehensive range of material to enlighten and enrich future discussion and encourage further academic pursuit


Part I. The Promise of Peace, the Problems of War Chapter 1. The Meanings of Peace Chapter 2. Peace and Conflict Studies, Education, and Research Chapter 3. The Meanings of Wars Chapter 4. Terrorism Versus Counterterrorism Chapter 5. The Special Significance of Nuclear Weapons Part II. The Reasons For Wars Chapter 6. The Individual Level Chapter 7. The Group Level Chapter 8. The State Level Chapter 9. The Decision-Making Level Chapter 10. The Ideological, Social, and Economic Levels Part III. Building "Negative Peace" Chapter 11. Peace Movements Chapter 12. Diplomacy, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolution Chapter 13. Disarmament and Arms Control Chapter 14. International Cooperation Chapter 15. Peace Through Strength? Chapter 16. International Law Chapter 17. Ethical and Religious Perspectives Part IV. Building Positive Peace Chapter 18. Human Rights Chapter 19. Ecological Well-Being Chapter 20. Economic Well-Being Chapter 21. Movements Toward Democracy Chapter 22. National Reconciliation Chapter 23. Nonviolence Chapter 24. Toward A More Peaceful Future

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