The third industrial revolution in global business


The third industrial revolution in global business

edited by Giovanni Dosi, Louis Galambos

(Comparative perspectives in business history)

Cambridge University Press, 2013

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The essays in this volume probe the impact the digital revolution has had, or sometimes failed to have, on global business. Has digital technology, the authors ask, led to structural changes and greater efficiency and innovation? While most of the essays support the idea that the information age has increased productivity in global business, the evidence of a 'revolution' in the ways industries are organized is somewhat more blurred, with both significant discontinuities and features which persist from the 'second' industrial revolution.


  • Introduction Louis Galambos
  • 1. Technological revolutions and the evolution of industrial structures: assessing the impact of new technologies upon the size, pattern of growth, and boundaries of firms Giovanni Dosi, Alfonso Gambardella, Marco Grazzi and Luigi Orsenigo
  • 2. The long-run dynamics of big firms: the one hundred largest employers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan, 1907-2002 Howard Gospel and Martin Fiedler
  • 3. Knowledge and the changing boundaries of firms and industries Pamela Adams, Stefano Brusoni and Franco Malerba
  • 4. Organizing the electronic century Richard N. Langlois
  • 5. Aircraft and the third industrial revolution Andrea Prencipe
  • 6. Aluminium and the third industrial revolution Margaret Graham
  • 7. The role of the state in the third industrial revolution: continuity and change Andrea Colli and Nicoletta Corrocher
  • 8. Celebrating youth: the historical origins of the US stock market's appetite for young firms Mary A. O'Sullivan
  • 9. Labor in the third industrial revolution: a tentative synthesis Stefano Musso
  • Conclusion.

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