Phosphate and vitamin D in chronic kidney disease


    • Razzaque, Mohammed S.

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Phosphate and vitamin D in chronic kidney disease

volume editor, Mohammed S. Razzaque

(Contributions to nephrology, v. 180)

Karger, 2013

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Contents of Works

  • Osteo-renal cross-talk and phosphate metabolism by the FGF23-klotho system / Ohnishi, M., Razzaque, M.S.
  • Extracellular phosphate as a signaling molecule / Michigami, T.
  • Complex regulation and diverse functions of alpha-klotho / Maeda, R., Imura, A., Nabeshima, Y.
  • Klotho and chronic kidney disease / Hu, M.C., Kuro-o, M., Moe, O.W.
  • Nuclear receptor LXR : a new partner for sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporters / Caldas, Y., Giral, H., Sorribas, V., Levi, M.
  • Phosphate toxicity and vascular mineralization / Razzaque, M.S.
  • Vitamin D and type II sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporters / Kido, S., Kaneko, I., Tatsumi, S., Segawa, H., Miyamoto, K.
  • Vitamin D in chronic kidney disease / Li, Y.C.
  • Parathyroid function in chronic kidney disease : role of FGF23-klotho axis / Koizumi, M., Komaba, H., Fukagawa, M.
  • FGF23-induced hypophosphatemia persists in Hyp mice deficient in the WNT coreceptor Lrp6 / Uchihashi, K., Nakatani, T., Goetz, R., Mohammadi M., He, X., Razzaque, M.S.
  • Can salivary phosphate levels be an early biomarker to monitor the evolvement of obesity? / Hartman, M.-L., Groppo, F., Ohnishi, M., Goodson, J.M., Hasturk, H., Tavares, M., Yaskell, T., Floros, C., Behbehani, K., Razzaque, M.S

Description and Table of Contents


The enormous progress made during the last decade has resulted in a better conceptual understanding of mineral ion metabolism in general. With regard to chronic kidney disease, the two most affected nutrients are phosphate and vitamin D. This book provides an overview of the physiological aspects of phosphate and vitamin D metabolism, and how their pathological dysregulation facilitates advancement of chronic kidney disease. It looks into the complex molecular and organ cross-talks during disease progression that range from the involvement of fibroblast growth factor (FGF23)-klotho system to impaired phosphate transport to hormonal dysfunctions of PTH and vitamin D. Each chapter clearly presents the clinically and biologically important problems and lists the key unsolved issues related to chronic kidney disease and beyond. Illustrations explaining multi-factorial and multi-organ interactions provide an easy outline for the reader to appreciate the complex biological pathways. For those without prior familiarity with the subject matter, this volume may serve as a quick reference to get updated information on phosphate and vitamin D metabolism.

Table of Contents

  • Preface: Razzaque, M.S.
  • Osteo-Renal Cross-Talk and Phosphate Metabolism by the FGF23-Klotho System: Ohnishi, M.
  • Razzaque, M.S.
  • Extracellular Phosphate as a Signaling Molecule: Michigami, T.
  • Complex Regulation and Diverse Functions of Alpha-Klotho: Maeda, R.
  • Imura, A.
  • Nabeshima, Y.
  • Klotho and Chronic Kidney Disease: Hu, M.C.
  • Kuro-o, M.
  • Moe, O.W.
  • Nuclear Receptor LXR: A New Partner for Sodium-Dependent Phosphate Cotransporters: Caldas, Y.
  • Giral, H.
  • Sorribas, V.
  • Levi, M.
  • Phosphate Toxicity and Vascular Mineralization: Razzaque, M.S.
  • Vitamin D and Type II Sodium-Dependent Phosphate Cotransporters: Kido, S.
  • Kaneko, I.
  • Tatsumi, S.
  • Segawa, H.
  • Miyamoto, K.
  • Vitamin D in Chronic Kidney Disease: Li, Y.C.
  • Parathyroid Function in Chronic Kidney Disease: Role of FGF23-Klotho Axis: Koizumi, M.
  • Komaba, H.
  • Fukagawa, M.
  • FGF23-Induced Hypophosphatemia Persists in Hyp Mice Deficient in the WNT Coreceptor Lrp6: Uchihashi, K.
  • Nakatani, T.
  • Goetz, R.
  • Mohammadi, M.
  • He, X.
  • Razzaque, M.S.
  • Can Salivary Phosphate Levels Be an Early Biomarker to Monitor the Evolvement of Obesity? Hartman, M.-L.
  • Groppo, F.
  • Ohnishi, M.
  • Goodson, J.M.
  • Hasturk, H.
  • Tavares, M.
  • Yaskell, T.
  • Floros, C.
  • Behbehani, K.
  • Razzaque, M.S.

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