Exploring corrections in America


Exploring corrections in America

John T. Whitehead, Mark Jones, Michael C. Braswell

LexisNexis : Anderson : Matthew Bender, c2008

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index

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Exploring Corrections in America provides a thorough introduction to the topic of corrections in America. In addition to providing complete coverage of the history and structure of corrections, it offers a balanced account of the issues facing the field so that readers can arrive at informed opinions regarding the process of corrections in America.


1. Understanding Corrections: Where Are We? 2. The History of American Corrections: Where Did We Come From? 3. Corrections and the Courts 4. Jails 5. Community Corrections 6. Community Justice and Corrections 7. Prisoners and Prison Life 8. Women Offenders and Correctional Workers 9. Juvenile Corrections 10. Special Populations in Prisons 11. Correctional Officers 12. Correctional Counselors and Other Treatment Professionals 13. Issues in Correctional Administration and Management 14. The Death Penalty in America 15. The Evolution of Corrections: What Does the Future Hold?

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