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Shakespeare, complete works : English & German

(Digitale Bibliothek, 61)

Directmedia, 2002

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Text in German and English

Summary : Contains all poetic and dramatic works of definite attribution. The English-language edition is based upon G. Blakemore's "The Riverside edition" (1974) along with a complete facsimile of the 1623 "First folio edition." The edition also contains the German-language translations by August Wilhelm Schlegel, Dorothea Tieck, Ludwig Tieck and Wolf Graf Baudissin of the dramatic works. There are additional translations for the poetic works and dramas not contained in the translations by Schlegel and Tieck

System requirements: PC 486 or higher; 16 MB RAM; MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 or XP; graphic card (256 colors, 640 x 480 resolution), CD-ROM drive. Upgrade-Version (3.25) can be installed and used only with the help of the basic 1997 edition [wrapper]

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