International perspectives on teaching English in a globalised world


International perspectives on teaching English in a globalised world

edited by Andrew Goodwyn, Louann Reid and Cal Durrant

(National association for the teaching of English (nate))

Routledge, 2014

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The renowned and highly experienced editors of this book bring together the leading voices in contemporary English education under the banner of the International Federation for the Teaching of English (IFTE). The collected chapters here represent the very best of international writing on the teaching of English in the past decade. The key issues and debates surrounding English teaching across the globe are discussed and analysed accessibly, and incorporate wide-ranging topics including: * The impact of high stakes testing on teaching and learning; * Addressing the needs of minority groups; * The digitization of literature and new conceptions of text; * Rewriting the canon; * Dealing with curriculum change; * "Best practices" in the teaching of English; * The tension between 'literacy' and 'English'; * English and bilingual education; * The impact of digital technologies on teaching and learning; * Conceptions of English as a subject [secondary and tertiary]; * Bringing the critical into the English/Literacy classroom; * The future of subject English; * Empowering voices on the margins; * Pre-service teacher education; * The social networking English classroom. This text looks at the changing face of subject English from the differing perspectives of policy makers, teacher educators, teachers and their students. It tackles some of the hard questions posed by technological advances in a global society, challenges conventional approaches to teaching and points to the emerging possibilities for a traditional school subject such as English in the face of rapid change and increasing societal expectations. Despite all of the converging political and technological threats, the authors of this engaging and insightful text portray an immense confidence in the ultimate worth of teaching and learning subject English.


  • Introduction: English - Looking Ahead Section 1 - Literacies and Literatures: Creative Possibilities 2. What does it mean to know in English 3. Opportunities or constraints? Where is the space for culturally responsive poetry teaching within high stakes testing regimes at 16+ in Aotearoa New Zealand and England? 4. Teachers Researching Literacy Lives 5. Student, Reader, Critic, Teacher: Issues and Identities in Post-16 English Literature 6. Machines to think with? E-books, Kindles and English teachers, the much prophesied death of the book revisited 7. The online identities and discourses of teenagers who blog about books 8. Rewriting the Canon: Literature Curricula Text Lists 9. Teaching reading in a digital age: Towards an understanding of pedagogic practice Section 2 - English Teachers @ Work: Tensions, Pressures, Opportunities 10. The Past: A 'foreign country' worth visiting? 11. Developing Student Independence in English 12. Language as Putty
  • Framing a Relationship between Grammar and Writing 13. English Teachers, Low SES Students and Intellectual Challenge: Cases from Australia 14. Is it Endgame for Teacher Preparation in U.S. Universities? Section 3 - New Technologies, New Practices 15. English Educators as Change Agents: How to Do Change Differently in a Complex World 16. The North American Teacher Research Movement: The National Writing Project and the Scholarship of Teaching Practice 17. The Origins and Ominous Future of the US Common Core Standards in English Language Arts 18. Multiliteracies: An "App" for the Literacy Boomerang 19. With Rest...and Time...and a Little Hope: Moving into Virtual Worlds Through Multi-Modal Literacy Forms 20. You Are What You Read: Text Selection and Cultural Capital in the (Globalising) English Classroom 21. Web of deceit: Is the internet making your students dumb? 22. Implementation of Digital Technologies: Creating New Conversations with Students 23. The (Designed) Influence of Culture on Eportfolio Practice

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