Disobedience : concept and practice


Disobedience : concept and practice

edited by Elena Loizidou

(GlassHouse book)

Routledge, 2013

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [134]-143) and index



Disobedience has been practiced and considered since time immemorial. The aim of this edited collection is to explore the concept and practice of disobedience through the prism of contemporary ideas and events. Past writings on disobedience represented it as a largely political practice that revealed the limits of government or law. It was not, for example, thought of as a subjective exigency and its discussion in relation to law and politics was tied to an unduly narrow conception of these terms. Disobedience: Concept and Practice reveals the multivalent, multidisciplinary and poly-local nature of disobedience. The essays in this volume demonstrate how disobedience operates in various terrains, and may be articulated in relation to textuality, aesthetics and subjectivity, as well as politics and law. A rich and useful guide to current legal, political and social possibilities, this book provides a fresh perspective on a subject that is of both historical importance and contemporary relevance.


Contributors Introduction: What is Disobedience? Elena Loizidou 1 Disobedience and Atheism Maria Aristodemou 2 Hermeneutics and the Art of Disobedience: A critical reading of Ricoeur and Derrida Margarita Palacios 3 Breach of the Peace or Violence and/of Silence Gilbert Leung 4 Insubordinate Voices: Contestation and the Right to Politics Patrick Hanafin 5 Sacropolitics: How to Disobey Sacred Scripture (On Ambedkar's Bhagavadgita) Jimmy Casas Klausen 6 The case of the naughty in relation to Law Lucy Finchett-Maddock 7 Disobedient objects: Benjamin, Kafka, Poe and the revolt of the fetish James R Martel 8 Disobedience Subjectively Speaking Elena Loizidou 9 What I believe Emma Goldman Bibliography

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