Learning legal rules : a students' guide to legal method and reasoning


Learning legal rules : a students' guide to legal method and reasoning

James Holland, Julian Webb

Oxford University Press, c2013

8th ed

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When studying law, it is easy to become focused on the substantive aspects of the subject. In order to study and practice law effectively, it is essential not only to understand what the legal rules are, but also why they are as they are, and what consequences they might have. Learning Legal Rules brings together the theory, structure, and practice of legal reasoning in order for the reader to develop both their knowledge and reasoning skills. The book equips the student with the techniques of legal research, analysis and argument, and explains the operation of precedent as well as effective statutory interpretation. Learning Legal Rules has been used in common law countries around the world as a leading legal method guide for over twenty years. Online Resource Centre Learning Legal Rules is accompanied by an online resource centre which provides self-test questions and web links for students. For lecturers, there are downloadable versions of figures and tables from the book as well as an extensive and fully customizable test bank.


  • 1. Understanding the law
  • 2. Finding the law
  • 3. Reading the law
  • 4. From reading to writing
  • 5. Law, fact, and language
  • 6. The doctrine of judicial precedent
  • 7. How precedent operates: ratio decidendi and obiter dictum
  • 8. Making sense of statutes
  • 9. Interpreting statutes
  • 10. 'Bringing rights home': legal method and convention rights
  • 11. European legal method
  • 12. Exploiting legal reasoning

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