Handbook of social psychology



Handbook of social psychology

John DeLamater, Amanda Ward, editors

(Handbooks of sociology and social research)

Springer, c2013

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This handbook provides a broad overview of the field of social psychology and up-to-date coverage of current social psychological topics. It reflects the recent and substantial development of the field, both with regard to theory and empirical research. It starts out by covering major theoretical perspectives, including the inter actionist, identity, social exchange, social structure and the person perspectives. Next, it discusses development and socialization in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. In addition to updated discussions of topics that were included in the first edition, the part examining personal processes includes entirely new topics, such as social psychology and the body and individual agency and social motivation. Interpersonal processes are discussed from a contemporary perspective with a focus on stress and health. The final section examines the person in sociocultural context and includes another topic new to the second edition, the social psychology of race and gender and intersectionality.


  • Preface
  • John DeLamater and Amanda Ward.- Part I. Theoretical Perspectives.- Chapter 1. Interactionist Perspectives in Social Psychology
  • George J. McCall.- Chapter 2. Identity Theory
  • Jan E. Stets and Richard T. Serpe.- Chapter 3. Social Exchange Theory
  • Karen S. Cook, Choye Chesire, Eric R. W. Rice and Sandra Nakagawa.- Chapter 4. Social Structure and Personality
  • Jason Schnittker.- Part II. Development and Socialization.- Chapter 5. Socialization in Childhood and Adolescence
  • Lara Perez-Felkner.- Chapter 6. Socialization for Primary, Intimate, and Work Relationships in the Adult Life Course
  • Sharon E. Preves and Jeylan T. Mortimer.- Part III. Personal Processes.- Chapter 7. Social Psychology and the Body
  • Eva Shapiro.- Chapter 8. Self and Self-Concept
  • Timothy J. Owens and Sarah Samblanet.- Chapter 9. Language Use and Social Interaction
  • Doug W. Maynard and Jason Turowetz.- Chapter 10. Motivation, Motives, and Individual Agency
  • Alexis T. Franzese.- Chapter 11. Values, Attitudes, and Ideologies: Explicit and Implicit Constructs Shaping Perception and Action
  • Steve Hitlin and Kevin Pinkton.- Chapter 12. Emotions
  • Shane Sharp and Jeffrey L. Kidder.- Part IV. Interpersonal Processes.- Chapter 13. Intimate Relationships
  • Christopher P. Fagundes and Lisa Diamond.- Chapter 14. Interaction in Small Groups
  • Janice R. Kelly, Megan K. McCarty and Nicole E. Iannone.- Chapter 15. Interaction in Social Networks
  • Diane Felmlee and Robert Faris.- Chapter 16. The Social Psychology of Stress, Health and Coping
  • Deborah Carr and Debra Umberson.- Part V. The Person in Sociocultural Context.- Chapter 17. Social Psychology of Race and Gender
  • Daniel G. Renfrow and Judith A. Howard.- Chapter 18. Intergroup Relations
  • Michael A. Hogg.- Chapter 19. Social Psychological Perspectives on Deviance
  • Howard B. Kaplan, Feodor A. Gostjev and Robert J. Johnson.- Chapter 20. Cross-Cultural and International Perspectives
  • Yuri Miyamoto and Amanda Eggen.

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