New materials for thermoelectric applications : theory and experiment



New materials for thermoelectric applications : theory and experiment

edited by Veljko Zlatic, Alex Hewson

(NATO science for peace and security series, B . Physics and biophysics)

Springer, c2013

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"Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on New Materials for Thermoelectric Applications: Theory and Experiment, Hvar, Croatia, 19-25 Sept. 2011"



Thermoelectric devices could play an important role in making efficient use of our energy resources but their efficiency would need to be increased for their wide scale application. There is a multidisciplinary search for materials with an enhanced thermoelectric responses for use in such devices. This volume covers the latest ideas and developments in this research field, covering topics ranging from the fabrication and characterization of new materials, particularly those with strong electron correlation, use of nanostructured, layered materials and composites, through to theoretical work to gain a deeper understanding of thermoelectric behavior. It should be a useful guide and stimulus to all working in this very topical field.


  • Alternative Strategies for Thermoelectric Materials Development
  • A.P. Gonzalves, C.Godart.- Thermopower in Correlated Systems
  • B. Sriram Shastry.- Thermoelectric Properties of Correlated Electron Systems Ln3 Pt4Ge6 and LnPt4Ge12 (Ln = Ce, Pr) and Non-Centrosymmetric X2T12P7 (X = Yb, Hf and T = Fe, Co)
  • B. D. White et al.- Thermopower of the Correlated Narrow Gap Semiconductor FeSi and Comparison to RuSi
  • J.M. Tomczak et al.- Highly Efficient Sefgmented P-Type Thermoelectric Leg
  • Y. Sadia et al.- Charge Kondo Effect in Thermoelectric Properties of Lead Telluride Doped with Thallium Impurities
  • T.A. Costi and V. Zlatic.- Changes of Thermoelectric Properties and Hardness after HPT Processing iof Micro- and Nanostructured Skutterudites
  • G. Rogl et al.- Thermal Transport of a Delta-Doped Multilayer with Strongly Correlated Electrons
  • V. Zlatic, J.K. Frerricks.- From Superconductivity Towards Thermoelectricity: Ge-based Skutterudites
  • S. Humer et al.- Nonlinear Thermoelectric Response of Quantum Dots: Renormalized Dual Fermions out of Equilibrium
  • S. Kirchner et al.- Nernst Effect of Iron Pnictide and Cuprate Superconductors: Signatures of Spin Density Wave and Stripe order
  • Chr. Hess.- Monte-Carlo Approach to Stationary Non-Equilibrium of Mesoscopic Systems: A. Dirks et al.- Influence of Dirac Fermions on Magnetothermoelectric Transport in Iron-Based Superconductors
  • M. Matusiak et al.- Inducing Current in one Dimensional Systems of Interacting Fermions
  • M. Mierzejewski et al.- Spin-orbital Entangles States in Transition Metal Oxides: A.M. Oles.- The Out-of-Equilibrium Time-Dependent Gutzwiller Apprioximation: M. Fabrizio.-

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