Social issues in China : gender, ethnicity, labor, and the environment


    • Hao, Zhidong
    • Chen, Sheying


Social issues in China : gender, ethnicity, labor, and the environment

Zhidong Hao, Sheying Chen, editors

(International perspectives on social policy, administration, and practice, v. 1)

Springer, c2014

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Since 1978, the opening up and reform in China has brought tremendous economic and social changes. While China's economic progress has been commendable, the social problems that go with economic changes have raised serious concerns. Some of those concerns are related to gender, ethnic, labor, and environmental issues. This book is about what has happened in these arenas in China since the opening up and reform in 1978. The study of gender, ethnicity, labor, and environment touches on some of the fundamental problems of modernization, especially the development of individuals and groups. So even though gender, ethnicity, labor, and environment seem to be separate issues, they are in fact related in some fundamental ways. That's what this book will explore as well. To understand is one thing and to do is another. This book also incorporates studies of NGO practices to see how NGOs have helped in transforming gender, ethnic, labor, and environment interplay. Our study of NGOs in helping improve such interplay sheds light on how specifically civil society can prod the state to transform social relations for the better. This book is an attempt to assess the changes, both positive and negative, in gender, ethnic, ethnic, and environmental relations in China especially in the past 30 years of opening up and reform, especially regarding national identity formation.


Part I Gender Relations in China.- 1: Introduction: Gender, Ethnicity, Labor, and the Environment as Social Issues and Public Policy Challenges.- 2. Rural Chinese Women's Political Participation: Problems and Prospects.- 3.Self-Assertive Mistresses and Corrupt Officials: The Complex Interdependencies.- 4. Domestic Labor, Gendered Intergenerational Contract and Shared Elderly Care in Rural South China.- 5. The Growth and Dilemma of Women's NGOs in China.- Part II Ethnic Relations in China.- 6.Language, Learning and Identity: Problematizing the Education for Tibetans.- 7. Interpreting the Ethnicization of Social Conflict in China: Ethnonationalism, Identity, and Social Justice.- 8. A Harmonious Society: National Policies and Ethnic Relations.-9. NGO Development in China's Ethnic Areas.- Part III Labor Relations in China.-10.Labor Contract, Trade Union Membership and Workplace Relations.-11.Labor Protection for Migrant Workers in China: A Perspective of Institutional Reform.-12.From Societization of Workers' Rights Defending to the Construction of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Experience of Yiwu City's General Trade Union.-13. The Role of Intellectuals in Contemporary China's Labor Movement: A Preliminary Exploration.-Part IV The Environmental Movement.- 14.Environmental Problems in China: Issues and Prospects.- 15. The Struggle for Survival: A Case Study of an Environmental NGO in Zhejiang Province.-16.Public Participation in Environmental Protection in China: Three Case Analyses.- 17. Political Opportunity and the Anti-dam Movement in China: A Case Study of Nu River.-

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