The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology


The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology

edited by Carla Willig and Wendy Stainton-Rogers

SAGE, 2013

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Handbook of qualitative research in psychology

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Originally published: 2008

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The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology provides comprehensive coverage of the qualitative methods, strategies and research issues in psychology, combining 'how-to-do-it' summaries with an examination of historical and theoretical foundations. Examples from recent research are used to illustrate how each method has been applied, the data analysed and insights gained. Chapters provide a 'state of the art' review, take stock of what's been achieved so far and map trajectories for future developments. As such, the book will constitute a valuable resource for both experienced qualitative researchers and novices for many years to come. The Handbook is divided into three main sections. Part 1: Methods contains fourteen chapters on methodological approaches, ranging from established ones like Ethnography and Grounded Theory to more recent ones such as Memory Work. Part 2: Perspectives & Techniques includes chapters on Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research, key alternative standpoints such as Feminism, the use of computer technologies and the internet in qualitative research. Part 3: Applications reviews qualitative methods applied to13 sub-disciplines ranging from Cognitive to Post-colonial Psychology.


PART ONE: METHODS Ethnography - Christine Griffin & Andrew Bengry-Howell Action Research - Carolyn Kagan, Mark Burton & Asiya Siddiquee Conversation Analysis - Celia Kitzinger & Sue Wilkinson Discursive Psychology - Sally Wiggins & Jonathan Potter Foucauldian Discourse Analysis - Michael Arribas-Ayllon & Valerie Walkerdine Psychoanalytic Approaches TO Qualitative Psychology - Stephen Frosh & Lisa Saville Young Memory Work - Niamh Stephenson & Susan Kippax Narrative Psychology - David Hiles &Ivo Cermak Phenomenological Psychology - Amedeo Giorgi & Barbro Giorgi Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis - Virginia Eatough & Jonathan A. Smith Social Representations - Uwe Flick & Juliet Foster Q Methodology - Paul Stenner, Simon Watts & Marcia Worrell Grounded Theory - Kathy Charmaz & Karen Henwood PART TWO: PERSPECTIVES & TECHNIQUES Ethics in Qualitative Research - Svend Brinkmann & Steinar Kvale Qualitative Methods in Feminist Psychology - Mary Gergen Visual Approaches - Paula Reavey & Katherine Johnson Using and Interpreting Images Using the Internet for Qualitative Research - Alison Evans, Dick Wiggins & Jonathan Elford Using Computer Packages in Qualitative Research - Christina Silver & Nigel Fielding Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods - Lucy Yardley & Felicity Bishop A Pragmatic Approach PART THREE: APPLICATIONS Social Psychology - Steve Brown & Abigail Locke Health Psychology - Kerry Chamberlain & Michael Murray Developmental Psychology - Erica Burman Clinical Psychology - Dave Harper Counselling and Psychotherapy - Joseph G. Ponterotto, Geena Kuriakose & Yevgeniya Granovskaya Educational Psychology - Andy Miller, Victorial Hobley, Lisa DeSouza & Tom Billington Work and Organizational Psychology - Jo Silvester Forensic Psychology - Peter Banister Community Psychology - Carrie E. Hanlin, Kimberly Bess, Patricia Conway,Scotney D. Evans, Diana McCown, Isaac Prilleltensky & Douglas D. Perkins Cultural Psychology - Leslie Swartz & Poul Rohleder Cognitive Psychology - Thomas C. Ormerod & Linden J. Ball Postcolonialism and Psychology - Catriona McCloud & Sunil Bhatia Review and Prospect - Wendy Stainton Rogers & Carla Willig

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