One hundred years of socialism : the West European left in the twentieth century


One hundred years of socialism : the West European left in the twentieth century

Donald Sassoon

I.B. Tauris, 2014

New ed

  • : pbk

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"First published in 1996"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. 887-943) and index

"New paperback edition published in 2014"--T.p. verso



This new edition of Donald Sassoon's magisterial history of the Left in the twentieth century includes a substantial new introduction by the author. With unique authority and unparalleled scholarship, Sassoon traces the fortunes of the political parties of the left in Western Europe across 14 countries, covering the fortunes of socialism from the rise of the Bolsheviks through two World Wars to the revival of feminism and the arrival of "green" politics.


List of Tables List of Figures Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations New Introduction Introduction to the First Edition Book One: Expansion Part One: The Hard Road to Political Power 1. The Establishment of Socialism Before 1914 2. From War to War (1914-40) 3. Thwarted Alternatives 4. The War, Resistance and Its Aftermath: The Rise and Fall of West European Communism 1939-48 Book Two: Consolidation Part Two: The Construction of Western Socialism 1945-50 5. The Socialists After 1945 6. Building Social Capitalism 1945-50 7. External Constraints: A Socialist Foreign Policy? Part Three: Toward Revisionism 1950-69 8. The Golden Age of Capitalism 9. Between Neutralism and Atlanticism 10. The Foundations of Revisionism Part Four: The Perplexing Sixties: 'Something in the Air' 11. The Return of the Left 12. The Establishment of a Foreign Policy Consensus Part Five: The Great Contestation 13. The Revival of Working Class Militancy 1960-73 14. The Revival of Ideology and the Student Contestation 15. The Revival of Feminism Book Three: Crisis Part Six: The End of the Great Capitalist Boom 1973-89 16. The Crisis and the Left: An Overview 17. Social Democracy in Small Countries: Austria, Sweden, Holland and Belgium 18. Germany and Britain: SPD and Labour in Power 19. The French Experiment 20. The Failure of Italian Communism 21. The End of Authoritarian Regimes in Western Europe: Portugal, Spain and Greece Part Seven: The Great Crisis of Socialism 22. Workers, Women and Greens 23. The 1980s: Radicalism in its Last Redoubt 24. The New Revisionism Epilogue Notes Bibliography Index

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