Japanese syntax in comparative perspective


Japanese syntax in comparative perspective

edited by Mamoru Saito

(Oxford studies in comparative syntax / Richard Kayne, general editor)

Oxford University Press, c2014

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"Grows out of a research project on comparative syntax pursued at the Center for Linguistics at Nanzan University from 2008-2013"--Back cover

Includes bibliographical references and index



Japanese syntax has been studied within the framework of generative linguistics for nearly 50 years. But when it is studied in comparison with other languages, it is mostly compared with English. Japanese Syntax in Comparative Perspective seeks to fill a gap in the literature by examining Japanese in comparison with other Asian languages, including Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and Dravidian and Indo-Aryan languages of India. By focusing on Japanese and other Asian languages, the ten papers in this volume (on topics such as ellipsis, postponing, and wh-questions) make a unique contribution to the study of generative linguistics, and to the Principles and Parameters theory in particular.


  • Preface
  • 1 Nc-Ellipsis and the Structure of Noun Phrases in Chinese and Japanese
  • Mamoru Saito, T.-H. Jonah Lin, and Keiko Murasugi
  • 2 Number and Classifier
  • Yasuki Ueda
  • 3 On Chinese and Japanese Relative Clauses and NP-Ellipsis
  • Yoichi Miyamoto
  • 4 Argument Ellipsis, Anti-agreement, and Scrambling
  • Daiko Takahashi
  • 5 A Comparative Syntax of Ellipsis in Japanese and Korean
  • Mamoru Saito and Duk-Ho An
  • 6 A Comparative Approach to Japanese Postposing
  • Yuji Takano
  • 7 Comparative Remarks on Wh-adverbials in Situ in Japanese and Chinese
  • Tomohiro Fujii, Kensuke Takita, Barry Chung-Yu Yang, and Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai
  • 8 On Multiple Wh-Questions with 'Why' in Japanese and Chinese
  • Kensuke Takita and Barry Chung-Yu Yang
  • 9 Dative/Genitive Subjects in Japanese: A Comparative Perspective
  • Hideki Kishimoto
  • 10 Dative Subjects and Impersonals in Null-Subject Languages
  • Hiroyuki Ura

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