Robert Frost in context


Robert Frost in context

edited by Mark Richardson

Cambridge University Press, 2014

  • : hardback

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Series title in LC CIP: Literature in context

Includes bibliographical references and index



This new critical volume offers a fresh, multifaceted assessment of Robert Frost's life and works. Nearly every aspect of the poet's career is treated: his interest in poetics and style; his role as a public figure; his deep fascination with science, psychology, and education; his peculiar and difficult relation to religion; his investments, as thinker and writer, in politics and war; the way he dealt with problems of mental illness that beset his sister and two of his children; and, finally, the complex geo-political contexts that inform some of his best poetry. Contributors include a number of influential scholars of Frost, but also such distinguished poets as Paul Muldoon, Dana Gioia, Mark Scott, and Jay Parini. Essays eschew jargon and employ highly readable prose, offering scholars, students, and general readers of Frost a broadly accessible reference and guide.


  • Editor's preface Mark Richardson
  • Part I. Frost in Stylistic Contexts: 1. The fate of the Frost speaker Margery Sabin
  • 2. The figure Frost's prose makes Joseph M. Thomas and Mark Richardson
  • 3. Frost and sports: pitching into poetry Alec Marsh
  • 4. Frost as a man of letters Robert Faggen
  • Part II. Literary Historical Contexts: 5. Robert Frost's design Paul Muldoon
  • 6. The lay of the land in Frost's Steeple Bush Jay Parini
  • 7. Frost and the modern narrative poem Dana Gioia
  • 8. Frost and modernism John Cooper
  • 9. Frost and modern drama Yasuko Shiojiri
  • 10. Frost and the 'Masque' tradition David John Chandler
  • 11. Frost and anthologies Mark Scott
  • 12. 'Measuring myself against all creation': Frost and pastoral Robert Bernard Hass
  • 13. Thomas Aquinas and The Voyage of the Beagle: Frost's reading David Tutein
  • Part III. Philosophical and Religious Contexts: 14. Frost and pragmatism Jonathan Levin
  • 15. Frost and the provocation of religion James Barszcz
  • 16. Frost and the Bible Robert Faggen
  • Part IV. Political and Historical Contexts: 17. Frost's political identity Steven Axelrod
  • 18. Frost and the Great Depression David Evans
  • 19. The post-Reconstruction Frost Mark Richardson
  • 20. Frost and the First World War Tim Kendall
  • 21. Frost and the Second World War Grzegorz Kosc
  • 22. Frost and the Cold War Steven Axelrod
  • Part V. Geo-Political Contexts: 23. 'What became of New England?': Frost and rural sociology Donald Sheehy
  • 24. Figures of the tourist and guide in Frost Marit MacArthur
  • 25. Frost and a 'native America' Eric Anderson
  • 26. Reading Frost environmentally Thomas Bailey
  • Part VI. Biographical Contexts: 27. Frost and the problem of biography William Pritchard
  • 28. The Derry years of Robert Frost Lesley Lee Francis
  • 29. All the difference: Robert Frost in England, 1912-15 Sean Street
  • Part VII. Vocational Contexts: 30. Frost and education Mark Scott
  • 31. Frost and the institutionalization of poetry Mark Richardson
  • 32. The artifactual Frost: the book trade, collectors, and fine printing Pat Alger
  • 33. Robert Frost in the magazines Jonathan N. Barron
  • 34. Meet the press: Frost as pundit Lisa Seale
  • 35. Frost and the public performance of poetry Tyler Hoffman
  • Part VIII. Scientific and Psychiatric Contexts: 36. Frost and astronomy Henry Atmore
  • 37. Frost and 'The future of man' Henry Atmore
  • 38. 'Everybody's sanity': metaphor and mental health in Frost Don Sheehy
  • Part IX. Frost and Gender: 39. Education by poetry: Frost, women, and children Karen Kilcup
  • 40. Frost and heroic normativity: form and sexuality Paul Morrison
  • Further reading
  • Index.

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