Study guide to accompany Modern principles: microeconomics, second edition, Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok



Study guide to accompany Modern principles: microeconomics, second edition, Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok

James Swofford

Worth, 2011


Study guide for Cowen Tabarrok Modern principles: microeconomics, second edition

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"This study guide is designed for use with the second edition of Modern Principles : Microeconomics by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok"--Pref.



Engaging authors, unbiased presentations of essential ideas, and a knack for revealing the 'invisible hand' of economics at work inform the thoroughly updated new edition of Modern Principles, drawing on a wealth of captivating applications to show readers how economics shed light on business, politics, world affairs, and everyday life.


The Big Ideas The Power of Trade and Comparative Advantage PART I: SUPPLY AND DEMAND Supply and Demand Equilibrium: How Supply and Demand Determine Prices Price Ceilings and Price Floors PART II: ECONOMIC GROWTH GDP and The Measurement of Progress The Wealth of Nations and Economic Growth Appendix: The Magic of Compound Growth: Using a Spreadsheet Growth, Capital Accumulation and the Economics of Ideas: Catching Up vs. The Cutting Edge Appendix: Excellent Growth Savings, Investment, and the Financial System Appendix: Bond Pricing and Arbitrage Stock Markets and Personal Finance PART III: BUSINESS FLUCTUATIONS Unemployment and Labour Force Participation Inflation and the Quantity Theory of Money Appendix: Get Real! An Excellent Adventure Business Fluctuations: Aggregate Demand and Supply Transmission and Amplification Mechanisms Appendix: Business Fluctuations and the Solow Model PART IV: MACROECONOMIC POLICY AND INSTITUTIONS The Federal Reserve System and Open Market Operations Appendix: The Money Multiplier Process in Detail Monetary Policy The Federal Budget: Taxes and Spending Fiscal Policy PART V: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS International Trade International Finance Political Economy and Public Choice

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