The Golem : what you should know about science


    • Collins, Harry
    • Pinch, Trevor


The Golem : what you should know about science

Harry Collins, Trevor Pinch

(Canto classics)

Cambridge University Press, 2013

2nd ed., 14th printing

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 181-184) and index



Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch liken science to the Golem, a creature from Jewish mythology, powerful yet potentially dangerous, a gentle, helpful creature that may yet run amok at any moment. Through a series of intriguing case studies the authors debunk the traditional view that science is the straightforward result of competent theorisation, observation and experimentation. The very well-received first edition generated much debate, reflected in a substantial new Afterword in this second edition, which seeks to place the book in what have become known as 'the science wars'.


  • Introduction: the Golem
  • 1. Edible knowledge: the chemical transfer of memory
  • 2. Two experiments that 'proved' the theory of relativity
  • 3. The sun in a test tube: the story of cold fusion
  • 4. The germs of dissent: Louis Pasteur and the origins of life
  • 5. A new window on the universe: the non-detection of gravitational radiation
  • 6. The sex life of the whiptail lizard
  • 7. Set the controls for the heart of the sun: the strange story of the missing solar neutrinos
  • Conclusion: putting the Golem to work
  • Afterword
  • References and further reading
  • Index.

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