Zoo animal and wildlife immobilization and anesthesia


Zoo animal and wildlife immobilization and anesthesia

edited by Gary West, Darryl Heard, Nigel Caulkett

John Wiley & Sons, 2014

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Zoo Animal and Wildlife Immobilization and Anesthesia, Second Edition is a fully updated and revised version of the first comprehensive reference on anesthetic techniques in captive and free-ranging wildlife. Now including expanded coverage of avian and aquatic species, this exhaustive resource presents information on the full range of zoo and wildlife species. Covering topics ranging from monitoring and field anesthesia to CPR and euthanasia, the heart of the book is devoted to 53 species-specific chapters providing a wealth of information on little-known and common zoo and wildlife animals alike. In addition to new species chapters, the new edition brings a new focus on pain management, including chronic pain, and more information on species-specific physiology. Chapters on airway management, monitoring, emergency therapeutics, and field procedures are all significantly expanded as well. This update to Zoo Animal and Wildlife Immobilization and Anesthesia is an invaluable addition to the library of all zoo and wildlife veterinarians.


Contributors xi Preface xvii I. General 1. Clinical Pharmacology 5 Leigh A. Lamont and Kurt A. Grimm 2. Monitoring 43 Larissa Ozeki and Nigel Caulkett 3. Airway Management 53 Jonathan Cracknell 4. Thermoregulation 65 Jeff C. Ko and Rebecca A. Krimins 5. Oxygen Therapy 69 Asa Fahlman 6. Analgesia 83 Douglas P. Whiteside 7. Physical Capture and Restraint 109 Todd Shury 8. Zoo and Wildlife CPR 125 Soren Boysen 9. Field Emergencies and Complications 139 Jon M. Arnemo, Alina L. Evans, Asa Fahlman, and Nigel Caulkett 10. Euthanasia 149 Murray Woodbury 11. Remote Drug Delivery 155 Ramiro Isaza 12 Capture Myopathy 171 Jessica Paterson 13. Human Safety during Wildlife Capture 181 Nigel Caulkett and Todd Shury II. Invertebrates, Fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians 14. Invertebrates 191 Cornelia I. Mosley and Gregory A. Lewbart 15. Bony Fish (Lungfish, Sturgeon, and Teleosts) 209 Natalie D. Mylniczenko, Donald L. Neiffer, and Tonya M. Clauss 16. Elasmobranchs and Holocephalans 261 Natalie D. Mylniczenko, Tonya M. Clauss, and M. Andrew Stamper 17. Amphibians 303 Eric Baitchman and Mark Stetter 18. Crocodilian Capture and Restraint 313 Kent A. Vliet 19. Crocodilians (Crocodiles, Alligators, Caiman, and Gharial) 325 Gregory J. Fleming 20. Venomous Reptile Restraint and Handling 337 Frederick B. Antonio 21. Squamates (Snakes and Lizards) 351 Mads F. Bertelsen 22. Chelonia (Tortoises, Turtles, and Terrapins) 365 Alessio Vigani III. Bird Anesthesia 23. Avian Anatomy and Physiology 391 Ashley M. Zehnder, Michelle G. Hawkins, and Peter J. Pascoe 24. Cagebirds 399 Michelle G. Hawkins, Ashley M. Zehnder, and Peter J. Pascoe 25. Penguins 435 Kate Bodley and Todd L. Schmitt 26. Ratites 445 Jessica Siegal-Willott 27. Raptors 459 Patrick T. Redig, Michelle Willette, and Julia Ponder 28. Galliformes and Columbiformes 473 Darryl Heard 29. Free-Living Waterfowl and Shorebirds 481 Daniel M. Mulcahy 30. Birds: Miscellaneous 507 Darryl Heard IV. Mammal Anesthesia 31. Monotremes (Echidnas and Platypus) 517 Peter Holz 32. Marsupials 521 Peter Holz 33. Insectivores (Hedgehogs, Moles, and Tenrecs) 529 Darryl Heard 34. Edentata (Xenartha) 533 Gary West, Tracy Carter, and Jim Shaw 35. Tubulidentata and Pholidota 539 Jennifer N. Langan 36. Chiropterans (Bats) 543 Darryl Heard 37. Prosimians 551 Cathy V. Williams and Randall E. Junge 38. Monkeys and Gibbons 561 Rolf-Arne Olberg and Melissa Sinclair 39. Great Apes 573 Shannon Cerveny and Jonathan Sleeman 40. Canids 585 R. Scott Larsen and Terry J. Kreeger 41. Ursids (Bears) 599 Nigel Caulkett and Asa Fahlman 42. Procyonids and Mustelids 607 George V. Kollias and Noha Abou-Madi 43. Viverrids 619 Anneke Moresco and R. Scott Larsen 44. Hyenidae 627 Nina Hahn, John M. Parker, Gregory Timmel, Mary L. Weldele, and Wm. Kirk Suedmeyer 45. Felids 635 Edward C. Ramsay 46. Phocid Seals 647 Michael Lynch and Kate Bodley 47. Otariid Seals 661 Martin Haulena 48. Walrus 673 David B. Brunson 49. Cetaceans 679 Christopher Dold and Sam Ridgway 50. Sirenians (Manatees and Dugongs) 693 Elizabeth C. Nolan and Michael T. Walsh 51. Elephants 703 William A. Horne and Michael R. Loomis 52. Nondomestic Equids 719 Chris Walzer 53. Tapirs 729 Sonia M. Hernandez, James Bailey, and Luis R. Padilla 54. Rhinoceroses 741 Robin W. Radcliffe and Peter vdB. Morkel 55. Nondomestic Suids 773 Luis R. Padilla and Jeff C. Ko 56. Hippopotamidae 787 Michele Miller, Gregory J. Fleming, Scott B. Citino, and Markus Hofmeyr 57. Camelids 797 Khursheed R. Mama and Chris Walzer 58. Giraffidae 809 Scott B. Citino and Mitchell Bush 59. Cervids (Deer) 823 Nigel Caulkett and Jon M. Arnemo 60. Antelope 831 Ray L. Ball and Markus Hofmeyr 61. Gazelle and Small Antelope 843 An Pas 62. Wild Sheep and Goats 857 Nigel Caulkett and Chris Walzer 63. Nondomestic Cattle 863 Julie Napier and Douglas L. Armstrong 64. Bison 873 Nigel Caulkett 65. Lagomorphs (Rabbits, Hares, and Pikas) 879 Darryl Heard 66. Rodents 893 Darryl Heard Index 905

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