Strategic career management : developing your talent


    • Yarnall, Jane


Strategic career management : developing your talent

Jane Yarnall

(The HR series)

Butterworth-Heinemann , Elsevier, 2008

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Organizations need to develop and retain their talent, and managing careers in a strategic fashion is critical to achieving this. This book takes a practical approach to help you make strategic career management work both for the talent you want to retain and for the organization they work in. It will help you to: - Improve your strategic career management - Improve employee retention - Develop a business case for careers - Design and develop critical processes to support your strategy - Explore best practice examples from other organizations - Evaluate your progress Other titles in the HR Series: Organization Design (Stanford) Transforming HR (Reddington, Williamson and Withers) HR - The Business Partner (Kenton and Yarnall) The Changing World of the Trainer (Sloman) publishing March 2007 Change, Conflict and the Corporate Community (Kenton and Penn) publishing June 2007


  • Chapter 1 An Overview of Career Strategy
  • Chapter 2 Focusing in on Your Talent
  • Chapter 3 Building the Business Case
  • Chapter 4 Revitalising Your Succession Management
  • Chapter 5 The Practicalities of Career Acceleration Pools
  • Chapter 6 Developing the Key Roles
  • Chapter 7 Fostering Opportunities for Growing Careers
  • Chapter 8 Developing Career Self-Reliance amongst Your Talent
  • Chapter 9 Final Reflections

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