Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills : methods and approach


Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills : methods and approach

Patrick Griffin, Esther Care, editors

(Educational assessment in an information age)

Springer Science+Business Media, c2015

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This second volume of papers from the ATC21STM project deals with the development of an assessment and teaching system of 21st century skills. Readers are guided through a detailed description of the methods used in this process. The first volume was published by Springer in 2012 (Griffin, P., McGaw, B. & Care, E., Eds., Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills, Dordrecht: Springer). The major elements of this new volume are the identification and description of two 21st century skills that are amenable to teaching and learning: collaborative problem solving, and learning in digital networks. Features of the skills that need to be mirrored in their assessment are identified so that they can be reflected in assessment tasks. The tasks are formulated so that reporting of student performance can guide implementation in the classroom for use in teaching and learning. How simple tasks can act as platforms for development of 21st century skills is demonstrated, with the concurrent technical infrastructure required for its support. How countries with different languages and cultures participated and contributed to the development process is described. The psychometric qualities of the online tasks developed are reported, in the context of the robustness of the automated scoring processes. Finally, technical and educational issues to be resolved in global projects of this nature are outlined.


  • Foreword ATC21STM Volume 2
  • Patrick Griffin.- PART 1: Project Method Overview.- 1. The ATC21S Method
  • Patrick Griffin and Esther Care.- PART 2: Collaborative Conceptual Framework.- 2. A Framework for Teachable Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
  • Friedrich Hesse, Esther Care, Juergen Buder, Kai Sassenberg and Patrick Griffin.- 3. Assessment of Learning in Digital Networks
  • Mark Wilson and Kathleen Scalise.- PART 3: Technical Aspects of Collaborative Problem Solving Assessments.- 4. Collaborative Problem Solving Tasks
  • Esther Care, Patrick Griffin, Claire Scoular, Nafisa Awwal and Nathan Zoanetti.- 5. Platforms for Delivery of Collaborative Tasks
  • Nafisa Awwal, Patrick Griffin and Sam Scalise.- 6. Automatic Coding Procedures
  • Ray Adams, Alvin Vista, Claire Scoular, Nafisa Awwal, Patrick Griffin and Esther Care.- 7. Task Characteristics and Calibration
  • Patrick Griffin, Esther Care and Susan-Marie Harding.- PART 4: Participating Countries in the Field Work.- 8. Australia in the Context of the ATC21S Project
  • Esther Care, Claire Scoular and Myvan Bui.- 9. Student and Teacher Responses Across Collaborative Problem Solving and Learning in Networks in Singapore
  • Chew Leng Poon, Sean Tan, Horn Mun Cheah, Pik Yen Lim, and Hui Leng Ng.- 10. Introducing Assessment Tools for 21st Century Skills in Finland
  • Arto K. Ahonen and Marja Kankaanranta.- 11. Case Study on the Implementation of ATC21S in the United States
  • Kathy Comfort.- 12. The Adaptation and Contextualization of ATC21S by Costa Rica
  • Maria Eugenia Bujanda and Elsie Campos.- 13. ATC21S Trials of Collaborative Problem Solving Tasks in the Netherlands
  • Diederik Schoenau.- PART 5: Implementation at Classroom and System Levels.- 14. Linking Developmental Progressions to Teaching
  • Kerry Woods, Roz Mountain and Patrick Griffin.- 15. Policy Pathways for 21st Century Skills
  • Frank Adamson and Linda Darling-Hammond.

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