Assessment for teaching


Assessment for teaching

edited by Patrick Griffin

Cambridge University Press, 2014

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 312-317) and index



Assessment for Teaching is a comprehensive and practical introduction to assessment and learning in primary and secondary school settings. This book treats assessment as a source of data that informs teaching strategies. It replaces a deficit model of assessment with a development model: a framework which recognises the importance of identifying what the student is ready to learn. The book also promotes collaboration between teachers in professional learning teams - encouraging the sharing of assessment data and team-based interpretation - to improve student outcomes and to plan goals for students based on a development scale. Each chapter contains: * an exercise for applying the course content to classroom practice * a response template for the exercise * guidelines on assessing the value of the exercise in a professional learning team * a short test for participants to cross-check their understanding of the course content. This is an essential resource for both pre-service and in-service teachers.


  • 1. Professional learning teams and decision making Patrick Griffin and Pam Robertson
  • 2. Developmental teaching and assessment Danielle Hutchinson, Michael Francis and Patrick Griffin
  • 3. Conducting assessments Masa Pavlovic, Nafisa Awwal, Roz Mountain and Danielle Hutchinson
  • 4. Team-based interpretation Michael Francis, Pam Robertson and Danielle Hutchinson
  • 5. Cultural change and assessment Esther Care and Patrick Griffin
  • 6. Judgement-based assessment Patrick Griffin and Pam Robertson
  • 7. Writing assessment rubrics Patrick Griffin and Pam Robertson
  • 8. Test construction Patrick Griffin and Esther Care
  • 9. Deriving a criterion-referenced framework Patrick Griffin and Pam Robertson
  • 10. Modified Guttman analysis Patrick Griffin, Pam Robertson and Danielle Hutchinson
  • 11. Interpreting data to evaluate progress Patrick Griffin, Pam Robertson and Danielle Hutchinson
  • 12. Developmental assessment for students with additional needs Kerry Woods and Roz Mountain
  • 13. Case study: Warragul regional college Esther Care.

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